Friday, 14 May 2010

My First Week Experiences in Form 6!!! ^_^

Well this week was pretty nice for me, and as I am in Physics class, my class have only 5 girls (3 Chinese 1 Indian 1 Malay) and others all boys! So, it was quite boring actually, if you know what I meant. =P

On the second day, it was quite bored as most of the teachers didn't came in but only my class teacher. She explained to us about the format of Pengajian Am and out of my expectation, she has gained her Master in Psychology. Then, I took my chance to ask her about my dilemma, whether to take Physics or Accounting in my A-Levels. She couldn't really give me the answers, and eventually she advised me to go to the counselling room, to seek advices from the counselling teachers. There were a few students there taking personality tests, for they want to change from the Science stream to the Arts stream. Finally, after everything else was over, I still sticked to my initial choice and not to change to Arts Stream - I would be taking Physics instead of Accounting. =)

On the third day, the orientation started and it was rather bored with various welcoming speeches by the administration board. After the speeches ended, the counselling teacher gave us a talk regarding the relation between the packages of subjects offered in the school and the courses offered in the local public universities. Some personalities tests were given after the talk and oh well, I think I knew myself quite well. XD

On the forth day, the orientation continued and an Explore Race was organised to entertain the Lower 6 students, as well as to bond friendship between the group members. I was elected as the group leader; And I was quite happy for being able to lead the members, try my best to ace the challenges faced by my group, and eventually try out the traditional games in Malaysia such as Batu Seremban, Gasing, Bulu tangkis, etc. It was fun and great experience for me, and all of us enjoyed it immeasurably. Finally, orientation ended on that day. Thanks to teachers and Upper 6 students, we enjoyed it a lot! =)

Today, my class started officially and I got to know my Physics and Maths T teachers. Well, today all the teachers didn't start to teach us, but merely chatting with the students, and I was sitting at the front row. I asked about the qualification of my Maths T teacher, and expectedly he is a degree holder of Bachelor in Science (Mathematics) from Malaya University(UM). He then asked me about my ambition, and he was surprised with it and asked about my result, my future plan and pathways. Later after the recess, I went back to the class and my Pengajian Am teacher was already inside the class. She didn't really teach much, but she was really nice and chatted a lot too. Suddenly, she want to choose the class monitor since my class still didn't have the leader. Nobody want to be the volunteer, and unexpectedly teacher chose me as the class monitor. Oh gosh! How could I be the class monitor since I would be only there for one and a half months? Nevertheless, after my friends persuaded me that I am qualified to be the class monitor even for only the limited period, I have to accept it eventually. Hopefully I can do my best in my part time job as the class monitor of the Physics class! =)

Favourite Music! =)