Monday, 10 May 2010

Form 6 in SMK Seri Serdang!!! ^_^

Hey everyone, I have just registered for Form 6 in SMK Seri Serdang today, and I would be studying there for one and a half months, before commence my A-Levels at MCKL in July intake. However, I still need to pay RM54.50 for the fees, since I would be using the facilities in the school. The teacher in charge of Form 6 was so nice to me, but she kept persuading me to pay the fees, and she said that it is for charity and donation to the school. -.- Nevertheless, my mom is willing to pay for it, rather than letting me keep rotting at home. (But I will try my best to delay the payment as long as possible! xP ) At least I can learn something new at school, rather than spending my precious time online at home. Well, I think the school compound is so beautiful, with the tranquil panorama and ideal environment for me to study Form 6, even for just one and a half months. Oh, and I saw quite a number of old friends too, from SMK Seri Kembangan and SMK Seri Indah. I'm really glad to meet them again, after two years of separation. Well the class would officially start tomorrow, at 7.25am!!! I can't be a nocturnal anymore, and apparently no more stay up for me until 4am!  Hopefully I can enjoy myself in the new school and learn some Form 6 STPM syllabus. =) Good luck everyone!!! ^_^

Favourite Music! =)