Monday, 31 May 2010

Dreams Come True!!! ^_^

While I was feeling happy and grateful regarding the call from Shell about the phone interview few hours ago, suddenly I saw an email reached my inbox signalling the title of BNM. I was really nervous about it, wondering what would that be from the bank. Here it is, the message conveyed in the email:

Saudara Ng Chia Wei,

Tahniah kerana terpilih untuk menerima Anugerah Biasiswa Bank Negara Malaysia Peringkat Pra-Ijazah Sesi 2010/2011 bagi mengikuti kursus Sains Aktuari. Biasiswa berkenaan adalah untuk mengikuti program-program persediaan Ijazah luar negara di kolej-kolej tempatan. Sila fakskan borang yang dikepilkan ke 03- 26942909 dengan segera sekiranya saudara menerima tawaran Biasiswa ini.

Saudara akan dihubungi oleh pihak Bank Negara Malaysia untuk tawaran rasmi Biasiswa dan urusan pendaftaran kolej selewat-lewatnya pada minggu hadapan.

Terima kasih.

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I screamed these words repetitively cause finally, I've got the golden opportunity to pursue my dreams! I have always wanted to study Actuarial Science, as most of my friends knew about it. Luckily, the Bank is kind enough to give me my first choice, cause I was so worried that they might be giving me other courses such as Economics and Accounting, since they don't really need lots of qualified actuaries in the bank; And due to my odd dream, my scholarships applications were rejected by numerous scholarships institutions including the most famous Public Service Commission a.k.a. JPA, Petronas, Sime Darby, UEM, TNB, TM, ASEAN, PNB, Japan MEXT, etc. Not even a place in Matriculation college was given to me, albeit after I sent in the appeal.  Until now, I can't actually believe my eyes that I finally got it!!! Thanks God, my parents and all my friends who indeed have been helping me since the very beginning. Thanks to everyone who helped and consoled me when I was being overwhelmed by these pathetic rejections. I would never forget you all, and apparently I'm really appreciate it. =)

After almost every rejection, finally BNM accepted me! This case has successfully proven that not getting JPA scholarship may be a good thing for me, perhaps it's a blessing in disguise! Thanks a tonnes, and good luck everyone!!! Hopefully I can do well in my study and succeed in my future endeavor, so as the others!!! ^_^

Favourite Music! =)