Sunday, 9 May 2010

Farewell My Friends!!!! ~.~

10th of May 2010 - A very significant date to most of SPM'09 leavers as it is a day in which most of the students would end their 5 months long holiday and begin the new chapter in their life. As most of us know, some of our friends would be starting to register in their respective Matriculation colleges, while some of them would be starting to register in their respective secondary school to start their Form 6 STPM. Some of my friends have even reached the state of their Matriculation colleges and are now waiting for the registration day to come patiently, especially for those whose their houses are far in distance from the Matriculation colleges. For instance, some of my friends who are staying around Selangor state have already set their foot out and reached their respective Matriculation colleges in Kedah (ChangLun) and Perlis today.

The main point I want to convey here is that, for those who have decided to go for Matriculation programme and Form 6 STPM, NEVER ever look back (unless you get sponsored by any scholarship body) and no regret! You have made up your mind, decided your path wisely, and everything should be set based on your precise analysis and decision. As in the poem "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost, we should never regret on the decision made and always look forward, and I believe most of us have already set up their mind, despite making decision may be the hardest thing for most of us to do, including me. Nevertheless, I would like to wish everyone who are going to start his/her study soon all the best and good luck, regardless of the Pre-University Programmes, such as Matriculation, Diploma, Foundation, STPM, A-Levels, Ausmat, SAM or CIMP. Remember to study hard and smart, and never look back! Best of luck in everyone's future endeavor!!! =)

p/s: By the way, I would be going to Form 6 tomorrow for fun, before enrolling myself in MCKL for A-Levels in this July intake. =) Good luck everyone!!! =)

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