Sunday, 6 May 2012

First Sunday Service of May (6/5/12)! =))

So yes people! Just in case you were still living your life thinking that it was April, WAKE UP!!! Well I did, until I realised it's no longer April. It's already May now, exactly 1 week to the commencement of my A2 Final exam! OMG!!! =O Yet I'm still not quite prepared yet for my exam. To be precise, I still have 13 Physics past year papers to be completed, and I forgot a lot of the previous papers. I always fail to tackle questions asking for explanations and that's when I will get stuck. =( I'm just afraid I might explain it wrongly. But that shall be improved over this week as I trust in God! God will help me to get through this! Amen.

So today Pastor Kenneth Chin is finally back after 3 weeks of attending mission trips and stuffs! And of course he came back with an extremely awe-inspiring sermon! Can't wait for it? Here it goes!

Bible verses: Matthew 13, 2 Chronicles 20:20, Matthew 6:32-33
- It's important to be led by Holy Spirit when going to other country.
- We don't know everyone, but Holy Spirit does!
- We are in the life-changing business, unlike McD and Starbucks!
- Language of Holy Spirit is through vision!
- God is an expert in changing atmosphere.
- Too much of preparation on speech/sermon will restrict the freedom for God to move.
- Any great opportunities that seem to be impossible to happen, only God can do it!
- Bible is living and powerful, able to change life!
- We will receive what we are believing for!
- We can only see when we start believing!
- Either give our best or don't give at all! (All or nothing)
- God does not deserve to be parking attendent, He only deserve the best from you!
- Until we do that, we will never experience fullness that God has in store for us.
- Be excited about something to keep yourself awake.
- God is not into religious duty, He is looking for someone who is serious in Him!
- Refuse to be wayside Christian!
- Make sure your heart is at the right place, to remain yourself in the center of God's plan.
- Believe wholeheartedly and lose, rather than half-half.
- Same garden, but at one side good soil, another one stoned soil;
  Same heart, but different results! Is your heart acting this way?
- Check your heart regularly and remove the thing holding you back, start be prosper!
- In life, we make decisions for care of this world!
- It's okay to desire the luxurious upgrade in our life, but with it will come the care of this world!
- Don't allow the care of this world to choke you, over your heart!
- God will take care of this!
- Don't let your desires and care of this world to affect you, because Jesus care for us!
- Be prepared to lose them for God, and gain them in multiple times!
I was really speechless when Pastor preached this particular sermon! It was so magnificently mind-blowing! This is what I need! I was actually thinking of this few days ago (if you read my previous post). I was talking about losing valuables and money, and not to be bothered too much by it. And yes, today Pastor preached slightly different version but conveyed the same message! Don't allow the care of this world to choke you and your heart!

Your problems and worries escalate as your wealth and money grows. You fear that those luxuries will be gone one day. Fear this and that, eventually be choked by it! You may wake up bombarded by this awful feeling each day. It's indeed very true and I hope everyone can learn from this. When you get an luxurious item/gadget/car, you're afraid of losing it! See? You're letting the care of this world to affect you. What if I tell you this? Let loose of this fear, and let God take care of it. God can take back what He has given you, but God is a graceful God! We are so undeserving yet He loves us so much and gave us everything! Serve Him well and He will be delighted!

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