Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Rebirth from Total Misery!!! ^_^

Well, sorry for neglecting this blog and the readers, again. =.= I have to admit that, I felt really sad for these few days due to the continuous rejection over my scholarship application. However, thanks to Glassylicious, a caring approachable big sister in Recom family, she helped me to get rid of  my miserable sadness, give me precious advices and support me from every aspect. As the most unforgettable advices from her, she said that, scholarship is like a lotteries, and don't put too much hopes on it. For every place of scholarships available, its like 10 other students with the same excellent criteria with you, battling for the only one place. Inevitably, there'd be 9 other students who fail to get the place, and that person might be you. It's not that you are not great enough, but there's other people who are greater than you. It's the loss of the scholarship corporation for losing you, so stand up now and proof them that they are wrong for not choosing you as their scholar. Don't put too much hopes on every scholarship, and always have a Plan B, so that you won't suffer from an unrecoverable misery when you got rejected. You might want to read this up, a perfect piece of advices from Glassylicious, the caring sister from big Recom family.

As for me, I have got rejected by TM, TNB, Khazanah, UEM, PNB, Shell and Petronas(Give me back my 20 bucks!!!), and left out Sime Darby, Japan Embassey(MEXT) and Asean. I have went to JPA interview on last Friday, and well, i think i was not performing good enough in the interview, to impress the interviewers. T_T The hope for securing this JPA scholarships is so tiny, and i do really hope i'm able to secure it. Oh well, another one that just brighten my day hours ago. Below is the email and I really feel grateful to God. Thanks God! =D Oh well, this is my second time for the BNM scholarship interview, and I'm hoping that i can do well in it. Experiences is the best teacher, and I don't think I did well enough last time during application by using trial result, but now, I'd certainly try my best to show them the homework I have done. Wish me lucks guys, and good luck to everyone for your endeavors!!! =)

Dear Applicant,

Congratulations! This is to inform you that you have been selected to
attend the assessment and interview sessions for 
Bank Negara Malaysia
Scholarship 2010. The details of the sessions will be
announced in due time.

Please bear with us as we are finalizing the dates and venues for the
sessions. Once confirmed, we will update you accordingly. You may wish to
regularly check your email and ensure your mobile phone to be active at all
times as any updates will only be communicated via these medium.

Do kindly reply to this email and state your name, NRIC and contact details
to ensure consistency with our records. See you soon here at 
Bank Negara

Scholarship Section

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