Wednesday, 28 April 2010

BNM Interview (26/4/2010) (8.30am - 5.00pm)

I think most of my friends knew that I have attended BNM interview 2 days ago. Due to over-tiredness that overwhelming me for these two days, only now I posted up my brief experiences on that particular day. Oh, wow, I did enjoy myself on that particular day and I was really glad to know my group members. Coincidently, i was at the same group as Jia Rong, a friend that i knew from Cheryl days before the interview day. My Purple Group consist of 9 members, which were Jia Rong, Huey Yuin, Sze Yun, Wai Yee, Niniey Daud, Shahir, Afif Asyraf, Hanis Suhaila and me.

Every single one of them was great and awesome, and definitely I can't put too much hope on this prestigious BNM Scholarship Award. But hey, I was considered as damn lucky to be selected as one of the 150 shortlisted candidates, out of 10,000 applicants! Whether I am able to secure the scholarship or not, it's not that important but the most important thing is, the experiences gained for the interview sessions. Most of them were very friendly, especially Jia Rong, Huey Yuin, Sze Yun, Niniey and Shahir. Really glad to meet them on that day. Oh, we were provided the breakfast (crispy roti-canai and a cup of teh-tarik), lunch (chicken rice and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice... Yummy~), and high tea (coffee, tea and fruits). Lots of my group members fell in love with the cafeteria inside the BNM's building. Oh well, glassy windows and everything were posh at the cafeteria. Nice~ LOL.... =D

I would post more about my interview experiences later after the interview sessions ended this week, since everything about the interview were confidential. No one should let the cat out of the bag, and every question asked should be kept as secret. Keep in touch everyone~ Stay tuned~ =)


  1. Are you saying it's confidential? o.O


  2. LOL... yeah it is... cause the BNM interviewers forbid me and my friends to leak out the questions! :D


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