Saturday, 3 July 2010

First Week at Taylor's! ^_^

Amigos! I'm back to my home sweet home finally, after a week staying at Casa Subang and studying at Taylor's Subang! It was a really great experience that I had in this whole week, and apparently I met lots of new friends as well. Oh yeah, I'm now in PE11, a class specifically designed for students who are taking the subject combination of Further Maths, Maths, Economics and Physics. And guess what, I'm the class rep, again, and I have to do lots of works involving photostat notes and exercises! Why me??? >.< Never mind, at least I can get some remarks at the testimonial in the end of the programme! Met lots of new friends, and there are a few international students in my class - from Singapore, Taiwan, and Korea! They are really amiable, and I'm glad that I'm in the same class with them for these one and a half years.

Since I'm studying A-Levels for 2 years programme, I would then have to repeat my third semester in my forth semester, and hopefully it would be a much relaxing programme for me as compared to other peers cause I would learn the A2 Level syllabus twice! Well, for now everything seems to be okay, and the myth of Further Maths being tough is no longer a myth anymore! I have attended the class few days ago, and apparently it wasn't that easy! There are 2 FM teachers in my class in which one of them (Mr.Peter) is teaching Pure Maths, and the other one (Mr.Teh) is teaching Mechanics and Statistics. Despite both of them are overwhelmed with the sense of humours, eventually I still have to struggle with my Further Maths cause it wasn't an easy subject! So as to my peers who are taking Sociology, have fun with it too! xD I'm totally having fun with FM now! xD

Okay, here's my daily schedule for these 2 years, or at least, for this week:

6.00-6.30am            : Wake up from the bed.
7.00-7.30am            : Ride on a shuttle bus from Casa Subang to Taylor's.
8.00am-10.00am    : Class.
10.00am-10.55am  : Break.
11.00am-1.00pm    : Class.
1.00pm-1.55pm      : Lunch break.
2.00pm-3/4.00pm : Class. (except Friday, which the class ends at 1pm.)
3/4.30pm                : Ride on a shuttle bus in front of Taylor's back to Casa.
5.00pm-7.00pm     : Online/study/sleep/exercise/playing games
7.00pm-8.00pm     : Dinner time.
8.00pm-1.00am     : Online/study/playing games.
1/2.00am                : Sleeping time! xD

What you guys/girls think about my schedule? Pretty bored, isn't it? Well, this is life! Have to install more games for me to play! Oppss, oh yeah, Further Maths kill! Okay okay, going to study now! xD

Favourite Music! =)