Sunday, 18 July 2010

Hectic week!

Hello everyone, I'm back! Had a hectic week indeed due to the various tests for Economics and Physics, as well as the typical killer -- Further Maths that gonna make me lost within the deep sea if I didn't study after class. Now only I understood how's the feeling of doing a Maths question for over an hour and two pages long, with a laptop in front of me of course! =P Summing Series still rocks babe! XD Although I admit that Further Maths is incredibly tough, still I like to do it! No idea why, maybe it's the passion towards Maths lies within me I guess. There was a day which I had to attend three classes of Further Maths continuously (one class per hour) and it did blow my mind off. I was like suffocating when I came out from the class! See the power of Further Maths? XD No worries, I still love you, Further Maths! Oh, I think I was really stressed out this week due to Further Maths and the tests given by my Economics and Physics teachers, which made me laughed like a mad fella when my friends did some random jokes, to release tension stuck beneath my head. My friends all looked at me, as if I just came out from Tanjung Rambutan or anywhere like that. Oh well, laughing is one of the most effective ways to release stress, ain't it? But hey, those jokes were really hilarious you know! XD 

Oh yeah, forgot to introduce you all with my new house-mates, who are Manveer, from Ipoh; Weng Fei, from KL; And Faizzul from Sarawak. To describe them, hmm... let see... Manveer is the one who I mentioned before in my previous post -- the Sikh who was gonna be my roommate, and apparently he is my roommate now! Oh well, wanna tell you all that he is indeed a guy fulled with the sense of humour, and his expression about something is so damn funny! LOL! HAHAHAHA!!! XD Opps, gonna be mad again! Sorry peeps! XD About Weng Fei, he is a guy who loves banana so much that he eats banana every morning for his breakfast! LOL! XD He's even holding the Taekwondo Black Belt Second Dan! Wootz! Don't play play~ Next, Faizzul! He's the only guy that I know who knows how to solve 5x5 version of Rubik's Cube! OMG! I only know how to solve the 3x3 version, but not this! Apparently 5x5 version is so much complicated that the 3x3 version, and hopefully I can get to master it in this one-year time from him as my house-mate! Oh yeah, they are all studying ICPU programme in Taylor's as JPA scholars and would be flying off to Canada next year to pursue Engineering; And their dream university is the University of Toronto, where I heard that the engineering courses offered there are among the best in Canada. So yeah, good luck to them then! Thanks guys for cherish up my life as my house-mates! xD 

It is indeed very interesting to find out about life of studying ICPU from my house-mates! Just their second day and Manveer has his very first coursework to be completed within a week! And for the others, they had their very first diagnostic tests of Advanced Functions and English if I'm not mistaken. Oh yeah, and all of them have to buy the original books as their lecturers are prohibiting the usage of photocopied books -- my most preferable choice, as the original books or even second hand books are so much more expensive than the photocopied one. They have to buy the books on their own expenses as JPA doesn't cover the book fees. So yeah, when they brought back their new original books, they were like taking care of it cause the books are really expensive and costs at least RM200 each, and Manveer even smelled the book, saying that it's the smell of success! XD  They even have new graphic calculators for the subject of Advanced Function, and they started to tease A-Levels student cause their lecturer said that A-Levels' life is some sort of dark ages, which is 100% exam based programme, whereby ICPU comprises of 70% coursework and 30% exams. It was really funny when Manveer frenzied that they can even download games and gadgets from the Internet into the calculators, as it was written at the cover. But then, when he said, how to use ah? XD HAHAHAHAHA!!! I was laughing like mad cause his expression was really hilarious! Oh well, typical modernised Sikh indeed. XD 

Alright, gotta go now! Stay tuned peeps! 

Signing off ~ 

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