Sunday, 11 July 2010

My Second Week in Taylor's! ^_^

Want to know any update about study? Hmm, well I think I'm coping well with Economics, Physics and Maths now, but not so pleasing for Further Pure Maths, which is still within the chapter of Summing Series for now. Just that I don't really comprehend about how this series can suddenly change into another, the process works just great for me! For Further Maths Mechanics, I think I'm having fun with it! Not much problem encountered for now. Oh yeah, I had just completed my first Maths test which covered the topics of Quadratics and Function, and I think I did well in it, but I got it wrong for second question, out of 6 questions. Never mind, let's let bygones be bygones. Up next, Economics and Physics test next week! Need to study it since Economics is a totally new subject for me, and apparently I need to understand and memorise some economical terms and theories, and try to apply those in the daily life. Hopefully I will do well in it! =)

The Malaysian Studies a.k.a MCQ, contrary to what I have heard from my seniors about its boredom, is indeed quite a fun subject due to the overwhelming sense of humour possessed by the lecturer, Mr Ari. It is quite a fun subject in the class, cause the lecturer loves to make jokes and keep the class alive! He even carried out "political campaign" in the class, urging students to vote him as the next Prime Minister of Malaysia! LOL! XD Quite funny, isn't it? =P Also, the multicultural breast feeding to develop the sense of oneness among the people of Malaysia to support the idea of 1Malaysia initiated by our PM. Haha! XD But, after I downloaded the course documents from the Blackboard 7 at the Taylor's Student Portal, I was quite surprised by the loads of notes that I have to read up. Apparently these notes are going to take off my time gradually and might affect the allocation of time for other subjects such as Further Maths and Economics. Anyways, hopefully I can utilise my time wisely and score these upcoming exams! Wish me luck peeps! =D


  1. Good luck for your test next week!! Hehe.. :P

  2. Thanks a lot BB!!! Good luck to you too! hehe... :D


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