Tuesday, 15 June 2010

BNM Award Ceremony to excellent bank staffs' children!!! ^_^

On this past Saturday, my dad brought my whole family to the Award Ceremony to excellent bank staffs' children organised by the Central Bank of Malaysia. As everyone may has known, I got a mixture of 10A+/A's in the SPM exam last year, while my younger sis got 7A's in her PMR exam last year. On that morning, we woke up early at 7am and prepared ourself for the event. Once I reached the BNM building, me and my younger sis went to the registration desks to register our names; And later on my mom and I went to the desk to look for Miss Rafidah to get my contract documents. When I took a glance at the offer letter, once again I felt extremely grateful for getting the Bank Negara Scholarship. We were so lucky that we were treated breakfast in the building, and once again the generousity of the bank had been proven!

While I was waiting the commencement of the whole event, suddenly Azrul Hisyam, my Facebook friend greeted me and conversed with me. Congratulations to him, cause he got both JPA (Medicine to Poland) and BNM (Actuarial Science!!! to UK) at the same time, and I think he's going to reject BNM due to his deep interest in Medicine. =.= Nevertheless, I'm still happy for him that he get to decide the best pathway for him. Besides, I have met with Sabrina, another BNM scholar before the Award Ceremony started, when every award recipient was lining up at the same role and starting to talk to each other. She would be studying A-Levels in KTJ for 2 years, before flying off to UK to pursue Economics. It was really nice meeting them on that day! ^_^

When the Governor arrived at the scene, everyone kept quiet and definitely I could feel her strong aura at that particular time. Indeed a very respectable person. Not long after, the event started with "Negaraku" and award ceremony started with UPSR students, until PMR students, eventually to SPM students and Pre-U students. Here are a few pictures during the award ceremony:

Me queue-ing for my turn during the award ceremony! ^_^ 

The first guy is Azrul Hisyam who I mentioned earlier! ^_^ 

Receiving the award with RM 800 from the honourable Governor!!! ^_^ 

Outside the hall, me waiting for the group picture to be captured! ^_^ 

 Me, my younger sis, my dad and mom! ^_^ 

After capturing the group picture of all the SPM award recipients with the Governor, we went to the classy cafeteria to rest for a while. On the way there, I met with Yi ying, a ReComer,  BNM scholar and staff's daughter as well. My mom requested favour from her to take my family's picture, and here it is: 

 Probably this is the first and most beautiful family photo that I have ever seen in my whole life! 
(From left: My elder sis, mom, dad, younger sis and me! ) 
(Venue: In front of BNM's cafeteria)
(Credit to Yi Ying)

After talking to Yi Ying for a few minutes, she left with her parents. It was really nice meeting her too! =) Here are a few more pictures that have been captured on that day: 

 At the compound of BNM, in front of the cafeteria! ^_^ 

With my parents inside BNM's cafeteria! ^_^

Seems like facing bankruptcy eh? LOL! xD 

This looks better in any way! ^_^ 

Alright, that's all for this post! Stay tuned peeps! Signing off~ 

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