Friday, 25 June 2010

The Beginning of My New Journey!!! ^_^

Greetings all!!! 

Yep yep, my new important chapter of life has begun today! No, I'm not getting married apparently, as what Jia Rong said in the blog! LOL! xD  I have registered at Taylor's College Subang Jaya today, met with lots of sponsored students of JPA, Security Commission, Petronas, and of course, my beloved Bank Negara Malaysia! =D Well, to be frank, Taylor's seemed small from my first sight, which I believe most of the people who've been there will agree to. Done all those registration things, and entered a lecturer room for briefing by the Principal of All Pre-U programme, Mr. Ananda and Casa Subang accommodation representatives.

Then, we were all being separated and guided to the lecturer halls respectively, according to the sponsors. Apparently I was being guided to the lecturer hall for Bank Negara Malaysia scholarship, and later a speech was given by the manager of scholarship section, Madam Rafidah. She briefed to us about the allowances, requirement to proceed the scholarship from Pre-U category to undergraduate's, and the registration form of Taylor's. Every BN scholar has to attain at least 2A 1B to continue the scholarship enjoyment. Hopefully I can do it, or else... Okay! No or else, I must achieve it!!! Even though I'm taking Maths, Further Maths, Economics and Physics, one of the most competitive subjects combinations, I still have to score those subjects's exams! Most of the BN scholars didn't dare to take the risk of taking Further Maths, so yeah, I think I'm the only one taking this subject, for the July intake. But all those hard works and patience would definitely be worthwhile I believe! With persistence, interest, and hard works, nothing is unachievable though! ^_^ 

Okay, skip that! There were 14 BN scholars who would be studying A-Levels at Taylor's, fortunately selected based on the application by using actual result--5 Chinese, 2 Indian and 7 Malays. I didn't talk much to those Malays today, but will do in the next few days. For the Indian, I knew one of them much earlier via Facebook, introduced by my friend. One guy (Harry)(Accountancy) and one girl (Dharrnesha)(Economics) for the Indian, and Harry is staying in the same unit apartment with me, but different room though. He will be my roommate after relocation next week I believe! ^_^ For the Chinese, there were 4 girls and one boy, and I'm the one! Haha! xD Well, 3 of them have already started their A-Level programme at Taylor's since January, so they won't be in the same class with me, including Huey Yuin. 

What about the other girl? Guess what, she's one of the Kijang Emas recipients and would be pursuing Medicine later, which means she's one of the top 30 national top scorers! And she would be studying A-Levels for 2 years programme as well, with me! Gosh, I felt so lucky for being her classmate, even though merely for 2 subjects--Maths and Physics. She's taking Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry anyways. Here is the fact : All the allowances of Kijang Emas Scholarship and BNM Scholarship are exactly the same; Just that the Kijang Emas Scholarship doesn't has any bond, but BNM Scholarship does. The feeling of gratefulness immensely overwhelmed me abruptly for being able to obtain this BNM Scholarship when I know the fact. Anyways, the 10-year-bond is all worthwhile cause I can acquire invaluable experience from the job as a qualified actuary in the Central Bank of Malaysia. Plus, the bank do covers the examination fees of my series of actuarial professional exams. By the time I finish serving my bond at the age of 33, I will be a honourable qualified actuary by then, hopefully! 

Next, we had our lunch at the cafeteria and the food there were fantastic! We had a plate of white rice, topped with fried chickens, curry, mixed vegetables and fruits--honeydew and watermelon. Later, we were all brought to the Casa Subang condominium and the keys of our rooms were given to us. Four forms were given to us to check out everything inside our apartment units respectively as well as to report those complaints, just in case there is anything that we don't really satisfy on. Well, I did write quite a number of complaints regarding the appliances and furnitures in my room. For instance, the round-light bulb was way too dim I think, and apparently it wouldn't be suitable for me to study at night with that degree of brightness! I will definitely need a table light, if they(the apartment people) couldn't repair it! =_= Anyways, I won't be staying long in the room cause Sonia, the manager of the students accommodation, said that she will try to group all the July intake Bank Negara scholars to stay in the same floor or maybe different floor for the guys--me, Harry and Syahmi.  After the seniors check out from their rooms next week, we might have a relocation to another floor! Oh yeah, I'm now staying at Casa Subang Condominium, with my unit number of A-17-06, and the middle room. =) 

I moved some of my luggages which had been swiftly packed yesterday night into my wardrobe inside my rooms, and for now, only 80% of the luggages were packed. I'm now typing this post at my home sweet home, and would be back to Casa on Sunday night, bringing the remaining 20% of my luggages with me. The orientation week will be started on this coming Monday, and hopefully I can meet up with lots of nice new friends! Couldn't wait for it now! XD Good luck everyone by the way! =) Signing off~ 

p/s: Tomorrow is my previous school's Carnival Day!!! Woots! XD Have fun! =D

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