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Singapore Trip 2010 (7-10 June)

Hey people! I'm back! Sorry for the long hiatus and allow me to continue writing this blog! In this episode, I would be posting about my Singapore trip last week! My mom was having her business meeting with her colleagues from Japan, Korea and Taiwan in Singapore. So, me and my elder sister grabbed the golden opportunity to visit the Lion City while my mom was having her meeting. My mom took a flight from KLIA to Singapore, while me and my sis took a Konsortium bus straight to Singapore.

Cut all those craps, all of us were staying in Mandarin Orchard Singapore, for 4 days 3 night. I knew that it's indeed a very deadly expensive hotel for us to stay. But no worries, the accommodation was fully supported by the company my mom works in, due to the official meeting with her counterparts from Japan, Korea and Taiwan. On Tuesday morning -- which was the second day there, my sis and I took a MRT from Somerset station to City Hall station for a walk around the area. What amazed me the most was the cleanliness of the stations as well as the streets at Singapore. Basically you wouldn't see any rubbish on the floor, not even a piece of paper! Malaysia would need a very long time just to achieve these I can assure you!

Around the City Hall MRT station, with the guidance of a map for us, we walked to the Singapore Art Museum. Walking on the streets of Singapore was really enjoyable and definitely it was a great experience for me. Due to the expensive fees for entrance of Singapore Art Museum and National Museum of Singapore, we didn't manage to get it and merely took a few pictures of those wonderful places. Here are a few pictures took there:

At the front of Singapore Art Museum! ^_^ 

It's cute!!! At the Singapore Art Museum! ^_^ 

The National Museum of Singapore! Look at its perfect, wonderful architectural design crafted at the building!!! ^_^ 

At the National Museum of Singapore! ^_^ 

Nice staircase picture of mine inside the National Museum of Singapore! ^_^ 

With some statues near the National Museum of Singapore! ^_^ 

Next, we walked to Peranakan Museum, which is just a few streets away from the National Museum of Singapore. Inside, we were lucky enough to be given the chance to pay merely student price for the entrance fees by the kind staffs there, even though we were not students from Singapore. We really appreciated that and decided to pay $ 3 dollar each to visit the museum. From there, finally I got the opportunity to discover everything about Peranakan in depth. Here are a few interesting pictures taken around the Peranakan Museum: 

Inside the Peranakan Museum! ^_^ 

One more nice staircase picture of mine inside the Peranakan Museum! ^_^

Peranakan's wedding! ^_^

Nice one, with a lion statue! ^_^ 

Wedding of Chinese Peranakan! ^_^ 

The traditional Peranakan ladies costume! ^_^ 

In front of the Peranakan Museum, holding the hand of the cute little statue girl! ^_^ 

Time to go back to the hotel, and it's the end of our second day in Singapore! 

At the Stanford House, while walking back to the City Hall MRT Station! ^_^ 

On the third day, my cousin who's working in Singapore went to the hotel we were staying in, to be with us for the whole entire day, while my mom was still having her meeting for the last day on that day. We went for a walk at the Wild Wild Wet and took some nice pictures there. 

With my elder sis at Wild Wild Wet~ xD 

With my elder sis at the entrance of Wild Wild West! ^_^

With my cousin at the one of the parks in Singapore! ^_^ 

With my sis at the park! ^_^ 

After the walk at Wild Wild Wet and the park near the area, we went back to the hotel by taking a taxi. It was the first time I took a taxi in Singapore I think, and what surprised me the most was that the taxi drivers seemed to drive so fast, as if like they were rushing for some occasions. Never mind, personally, I LOVE SPEED! xD 

By the time I reached my hotel room, my mom was already inside the room and was about to go out for dinner with her colleagues. My mom said that she want to bring me and my sis as well to her dinner, so I quickly took a bath and accompanied her as well as my sis down to the lobby of the hotel, preparing for her colleagues and the taxi. Here is the place, where I saw two luxurious Maserati parked in front of my hotel. 

Yeah yeah! Here they are! xD 

We (Me, elder sis, mom and her colleagues) went to the one of the restaurants in the Riverside Point to had our dinner. That was my first time to get a little taste of Tiger Beer, cause my mom's colleagues ordered two jar of those. It was indeed bitter, and I don't really like it! Still, I prefer my fruit juice and I had two cups of Lemon juice with Aloe Vera. xP We had three kilo of crabs cooked with pepper sauce (1 kilo) and chilly (2 kilo), a large plate of fried rice with slices of fried eggs, a medium plate of spaghetti and a small plate of kangkung. Overall the food was really delicious, and all of us were very contented with the dinner that night. But the price would really scare everyone of you, and it did scare me tremendously! The price for the dinner that night was $ 282 Dollar, which could be converted into RM 650+ easily!!! Too bad I didn't take any picture of the dinner ate, but below are a few pictures taken near the Riverside Point. 

After the dinner, my mom's colleague had to catch his flight back to Japan on that night itself, so we sent him to the taxi stop to get a taxi for him. Later, we walked around the area near the Riverside Point and took some pictures there, even though those pictures might be blur a little. 

Royal Selangor Building in Singapore!!! ^_^ 

With my mom! ^_^ 

One of the bars at the area near the Riverside Point! ^_^ 

The restaurants around the Riverside Point! ^_^ 

My mom and me sitting at the Riverside Point! ^_^ 

Later at night, at 10.30pm, my sis, mom, cousin and me took a MRT to the nearest station to Marina Bay, intended to visit the Merlion Park. 

Then, when we intended to walk towards the Marina Bay, instead we walked towards the direction of Golden Sand (Jin Sha) Casino. No idea though on how we got there, but since we were there, my mom and sis entered the casino, just for visiting the casino -- not gambling of course ; While my cousin and I couldn't enter cause we are still underage. The legal age for the entrance into casino is 21, and apparently I'm not even 18 yet! xD It was 12am, and we were at the Golden Sand (Jin Sha) Casino! However, here are a few pictures captured by my sis inside the casino. 

After a few minutes sitting outside the entrance of the casino, finally my mom and sis went out and we took a taxi back to our hotel. It was so exhausting but I did enjoy it very much! xD In the next morning, we checked out from the hotel at 1pm, walked around Orchard Road and took our last meal in Singapore at the ION Mall. After that, my mom took a flight back back to KLIA, while me and my sis took a Transnational bus back to KL. 

Overall, the trip to Singapore this time was really fun and enjoyable! It was indeed a very unforgettable experience for me, and of course walking around the city of Singapore burnt tonnes of calories within me; And it's a good thing I suppose! xD That's all peeps! Hope that you guys enjoyed reading my post! Stay tuned for next episode ! 

Signing off~ 

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