Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Holiday!!!!!!!! =p

Woooohooooo it's holiday now!!! Finally, the days that I longed for have arrived! xD Oh hey, I bet everyone knows that my Semester 1 exams had finally over! Woohooo hurray for that! Thank God that I managed to do most of the papers, well note the word "almost", cause honestly I literally screwed up my FM 2 - Mechanics! T_T Oh well it's over by the way, so just get over it man! My FM 1 was just so awesome that hopefully can pull up my FM 2 to grade A, so now I'm at the edge of getting A or B for my FM! Or .. hopefully not C! >.< Urgh, that's sucks if I ever get a C in my result. Opss, and sorry for the hiatus, for being such a lazy bum to update my blog! >.< Sorry guys! But well it's my blog, who cares, right? =p

So, what've I done so far for these 3 days holiday? Oh wait today is the forth day! *Noted* xD Hmm, went to KLCC initially with my friends Rasyad and Ika for PC fair but since there was nothing much to see, we went to watch movies instead! We watched Narnia and actually bought one large popcorn and large drink! Yummy.. I love popcorn! xD Sweet! Narnia was really awesome I would say, oh and with the starting shot at Cambridge University! Gosh, now I'm craving to apply for Cambridge Economics! No la jk.. .I still love you Actuarial Science! xD But it was really an ancient, beautiful building with serene atmosphere fulled with greenish field. =) Alright stop dreaming, will ya? =p Work it out if you really crave for it!

Next, Rasyad didn't bother to watch Rapunzel cause it was just so childish, and doesn't suit him at all. Oh well who cares, me and Ika decided to ditch him over, and proceeded to watch Rapunzel! Oh gosh, you should really grab the opportunity if you ever had to watch Rapunzel, cause it was really inspiring and at the same time, cuteness to the max! xD  Especially the baby Rapunzel, Pascal the chameleon (bleks!!!! xp) and Maximus the palace horse! Overall the movie was really funny that I literally laughed out loud for uncountable times! xD Well it was really worth watching indeed! =)

So, what's coming up? Oh yeah Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!! Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way, Oh what fun it is to ride, In a one horse open sleigh hey! xD  Eh wait, it's just 14 December! I shall keep that for 10 more days! xD As for my Christmas present, it'd be the Semester 1 Exam result!!!!!!!!!! Gosh.. hopefully it wouldn't turn out to be a bomb. B in FM is already expected, so yeah just have to bear with it! Just hope that it wouldn't turn out to be a C! T.T Of course, I would hope for an A in FM, preferably straight As in Semester 1 Exam. Wish me luck guys and girls! =)

Stay tuned to my channel and will be back soon! Ciaoz!

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