Sunday, 3 June 2012

RE:UNION 2012 (Part 1) - A Great Testimony! =))

Okay this post is going to be freaking long yet I'm so sleepy now after playing badminton with awesome church members this evening! Anyway, this was the first time ever that I've attended RE:UNION and believe it or not, it was awesome! How I wish I could make it for the next one though, I would be in UK by then. =)

Anyway, we had lots of pastors coming from all around the world! Just to name a few, Equippers Church based in London and Auckland, New Zealand. We also had a few special local speakers, namely Reverend Sam Surendran and Pastor Palan Ramasamy. I will share more of them later. So I was late and only came for Re:Union in Friday evening as I had paper in Friday's morning.

Alright before proceeding to sermons shared in Re:Union parties, let me share a testimony with you! I have one, and I really thank God for it! So as most of you know, I had the scariest papers few days back! Further Maths, a subject that never failed to twist my brain just to solve the questions. I was terrified by then, and prayed for God's wisdom while I was preparing to sit for the paper by practising past year papers. Done my FM1 on Wednesday, and I was stunned, by its level of difficulty. Remember I was so freaked out as papers of all other Science subjects were so difficult, and I was afraid that FM would have followed the trend too.

Apparently, it didn't. Praise the Lord that FM1 was easy, in relative with its past years, and I finished it in 2 hours plus. So everyone started to rejoice after FM1, and I knew, deep down in my heart, FM2 might be very hard just to pull people down from achieving high scores. The day came, it was Friday. I was freaked out on Thursday and I felt that I didn't prepare enough for the exam. Even in the Friday's morning before exam, I was still burying myself with FM2 notes. I was so afraid of geometric distribution and static equilibrium, but I couldn't care much. I studied about simple harmonic motion (SHM) that morning.

Tell you, really, God has been so so great and faithful to me. God knows it! God knew that I was weak in those topics, and God guided me throughout my study. I sailed through the FM2 and finished it in 2 hours. The topics that I was so afraid of, that I was devoid of preparation, didn't come out. There was not a single sign of geometric distribution question, although there was static equilibrium problem as one of the optional questions! Apparently the other option (regression and correlation) was an easy 14 marks question. There were 2 SHM questions and I managed to solve both, partly attributed to my revision of SHM in the morning of the exam day itself. Praise the Lord! God guided me through, even for the last minute revision! There's really nothing God don't know, and cannot do.  God can! See the impossible happened to me? Thank God! =))

I was so thankful to God, that I proceed to worship God inside the exam hall for the remaining time (30 mins) after checking my answers! Although I still did some careless mistakes, but THANK GOD for the papers! I shall ace this paper and I know God will never disappoint me! =))

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