Saturday, 3 March 2012

Basketball Match! =)

It's been really really long time since the last time I played basketball on daily basis. I was in Form 4 by then, and studied most of the time when I was in Form 5. College life started after 6 months in June 2010 and again I was busy accustuming myself with yet another new chapter of my life. Basketball totally went out of my mind and I haven't been playing it for quite some time, until few days ago when my junior asked me to join his basketball team representing A-Levels students in conjunction of Scholars' Sports Day!

What? Sports Day? Last year I didn't join and doubt I would have ever participated this year. I eventually agreed to join his team since not many A-Levels guys know how to play basketball. I planned to practice playing basketball these few days but eventually the plan failed due to raining mostly in the evening. Everything was against my plan and I felt so discouraged to join the Sports Day yesterday night.

Oh before that, yesterday I wanted to come back early to practice basketball but I missed the Casa bus at 4:15pm hence I went to hang out with my CF friends after CF at McDonald SS15. Later I planned to take public bus back to Casa but there was NO bus so I decided to walk back (around 2-3km?) to Casa after waited for around 45 minutes. Heavy rain started to pour halfway my journey but I continued my journey nevertheless. I was completely wet but thank God that not many things in my bag were wet! Only a few pieces of papers, shoes and of course my whole body. Solution: Need to get myself an umbrella this weekend since the weather is a bit crazy these days! =)

I felt really tired and about to fall sick (I thought) yesterday night and that was part of my 'excuses' not to join Sports Day today. But guess what, my junior and friend came to my room early in the morning (at 6: 50am), just 10 minutes before the bus left, to wake me up and ask me to join them. I had no choice but to join. All my whinings in Facebook and Twitter turned void. =/

To be honest, I've never been to Taylor's Lakeside campus despite have been studying in TCSJ for more than 20 months now. Alright you may start laughing! HAHAHAHA!!! =____= I know that's quite ridiculous and funny in a way that I had never been to Lakeside after so long. OMG! It was really really HUGE and of course deserved to be called a university with a lake amidst of all shopping-mall-like shops and restaurants. How small our Roadside campus is now in relative to Lakeside's! =p

Oh btw back to basketball! Basketball matches were quite exciting and fun! I met quite a number of new friends (mostly Petronas scholars) who are doing SAM at TCSJ. Seeing the way they play basketball, it was really motivating, but intimidating, for me to proceed my game. They really had a great teamwork, determination and fighting spirit. As you might have surmised, they eventually proceeded to final and won the championship. Congrats people you guys are really great! Good job! The team leader Sky also taught me one thing that skills can win a game, but only teamwork, determination and enormous fighting spirt could win a championship! Thanks bro! It's indeed very true and fit the particular circumstance to every bit.

I personally quite enjoyed the game, despite lost my first two matches with SAM and ADP players. SAM players were quite unbeatable, but we could have beaten ADP team! Attributed to me that I have missed so many opportunities to score, we were in tight match and ADP team won us by merely 1 point. I know I could have done better but nothing seemed to work well without consistent practice and bond between teammates. Me and my teammates just did not have that kind of 'chemistry' and that pretty much failed our team. Anyway, I was consistently reminded that we were there to HAVE FUN!!! Indeed. =)

I met many new friends today and I'm happy! =)) Weeeeeeeeee! Back to reality, Trial A2 is impending in slightly more than 3 weeks now! And I'm not done with Economics and Physics yet. Not even Further Maths 2 for that matter. Although it's just a trial, but I do not wish to take it for granted. For whoever taking trial exam for granted shall not do any better in the actual exam. Mind my word, trial is important! =)

Shall start studying and stop wasting time on unproductive activities! Oh btw, I finally started to enjoy my Xperia X8 after 1 year owning it, thanks to the Wifi network particularly I-Xcess everywhere in college. But I shall stop indulging myself in it! =)

Time to get back to notes and past year questions! =D Ciao!

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