Monday, 5 December 2011

Updates for the past 5 days! =)

Wooohooo I'm back, finally! After 5 days of leaving my blog rotting on its own, here I am again! Haha just kidding for the rotting part. yeah I was quite busy these few days, and you know you actually need motivation to keep your blog updated? One post will normally cost me 1 hour of time, and that 1 hour could be used to do so many things. Well maybe not that many but still... time is GOLD! So, why am I still updating my blog then? cause I love my blog!!! okay and my readers too haha! =p

okay so what have I done for the past 5 days? I will lump everything together to this one post although with quite a different name. On Friday, I attended one of the cell activities called Homes by Acts Church. My assigned Homes is SJ10, and guess what, that's the most awesome place you can be in Friday night! Okay that's what everyone says haha! =p Last week was the final Homes for the year 2011 so we took that opportunity to celebrate upcoming Christmas! I am quite a shy boy (sad to say), and even to give a testimony requires a whole lots of guts from me! I had a great testimony to share that day, but I wasn't courageous enough (again? =/) to speak out! Oh my gosh, the time for testimony just passed on and it was time for announcement, followed up by Word sharing by one of the Homes leaders, Sister Katherine.

By that time Katherine was about to share and discuss the Word of God, I still haven't shared that testimony! =( Thanks to Samuel who was sitting beside me, he knew that I had something to share with everyone so he told Katherine about it! =O Gosh, everyone's attention was on ME! Now I had to share, and I somehow had the guts and the ability to share out everything! Praise the Lord for that! =) I was quite happy cause all this while I wasn't brave enough even to speak out. I always try to sit in one corner and indulge in my thoughts. Okay many times I don't even know what to think about, but I always have something to think about. Something random. Reflections on what I've read up, and what I've learnt so far. Reflections on all the decisions that I've made. Oh back to the story. Later we exchanged presents and I've got two chocolates (Hershey Kisses and Toblerone) as my Christmas present hurray! =)

On Saturday, I attended ReComers gathering at KLCC and unfortunately not many people could make it. Only me, Casper and Nikki Quah were there. Kamilia was there too but she went off cause she had other stuffs to do. We were then waiting for Jern Siong in front of Kinokuniya, and while waiting for him, I decided to take a look at Kinokuniya! Gosh, it was really great to see so many books that I'm sort of interested in there. Even books in risk management, technical analysis, technical indicators, etc are there! Too bad I couldn't buy any of them cause it was too expensive, costing around hundreds bucks each! =O Jern Siong couldn't make it in the end, so three of us went on to eat lunch at the food court and later watched Puss in Boots. Funny movie I will say, and I like the 'oooooooooooooooooooo' *covers mouth while looking around* LOL!!! Check this out, and the funny part is at 1:53 - 1:54! Wahahahaha! =p

On Sunday, I went shopping in Jusco with my family!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeee gosh I bought 7 clothes cause there were 50-70% discount during the happy hours! Awesome... until my mom said that would be our new clothes for Chinese New Year 2012! O.O But it's good enough! Now, it's time to slim down a bit! =p

Sunday night - After months of holidays, finally I'm back to study! I had a Further Maths 2 test today (Monday), on two chapters mainly on Sampling and Estimation, and Hypothesis Testing! I could choose not to sit for it and my new FM2 lecturer permitted me to do so. I don't know why, I just feel like I should sit for this test. Although it's been months since the last time I touched Statistics, but this will be a great opportunity to revise these 2 chapters! =)

This morning I was quite excited cause it's the D-day! Haha just kidding! Yeah cause it's the first test I'm taking in PE1 !!! From this test I noticed that many of my classmates are very hardworking and tend to take tests seriously! They even skipped the break time just to study for this test! It was 1pm and the test began. I can do most of the questions (just on time) and everything went well for me! Just hope that I didn't press the calculator keys wrongly haha! =p

That's all for now! I shall update more frequently! Ciao~ =)

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