Saturday, 10 December 2011

Pride! O_O

Yesterday night, when I was driving back home (Myvi) from Casa (near Puncak Jalil/Bandar Kinrara), a stupid reckless driver drove his Honda City so fast and followed my car so closely, driving impatiently. The driver kept changing lane just to cut all the cars in front of him. But what is that related to me? His stupid behaviour provoked me and made me frustrated. As the result, I tail-gated him (after he drove pass me) all the way, until my mom stopped me, and of course followed up by her nagging. Sorry mom, for putting your life at risk. I just realised how stupid and selfish I was, just to give the driver a taste of his action.

Why did I do that? One thing is, I hate it when some stupid drivers tailgating me. I just couldn't bear with their stupid action, of putting every road user's life at risk! The probability of crashing into some objects when he's tailgating others or driving recklessly on local streets is definitely very much higher than ordinary drivers. Others might have emergency brake and he couldn't stop his car on time, and collide into them. Accident. 

I used to drive so recklessly, but I've changed. I don't see the point of driving so fast, just to reach the destination faster by a few minutes, or worst, never reached at all. I was tailgating the reckless driver, and at the same time flashing spotlight on him to provoke him, just the way he did it to me. Come to think of it, it's futile. I shouldn't have done that cause that will only serve his purpose of driving recklessly - to find another driver to race with him. Irrational? Yes. I was being so irrational at that time. 

When it comes to driving,  I can be so illogical, irrational. What actually initiated my intention of tailgating the reckless driver (of course me myself had to drive recklessly to tailgate a reckless driver)? Sad to say, pride. Everything comes back to one deadly sin, pride. I realised that pride within myself is quite extreme. I don't like to lose to others or kiasu (who isn't?), from all aspects. A driver shows his/her pride by driving recklessly, to show that as if he/she was the best. An extreme level of pride will definitely bad for the person, but a mild level of pride is always good (talking of economics). =p 

Without mild level of pride, there will be no improvement. There will be no competitiveness. What can you (and I) do if your sense of pride surge to the extreme level, due to various circumstances? Pride can just haunt you any time, anywhere. Even in a simple conversation with friend, might initiate pride within yourself. One thing that you can do when that (pride) happened to you is, always be humble, all the time! Put God (or any deity that you're attached to) first, and acknowledge that you're not the best. 

When other people are being prideful, there's nothing you can do other than giving them advices. What I've learnt from the experience above is that, do not follow what they're doing! It's good to have certain level of pride but not to the extreme spectrum. Of course the pride I'm referring here is only individual's pride, not other types of pride. Get it right! =) 

Till then, ciao~ 

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