Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Impending Christmas! =)

Hello people, I'm back! Sorry for a week of hiatus cause I just didn't feel like writing anything. Oh hey! It's Christmas, in less than 7 days! =) Firstly before that, I've mixed feelings within me, came to know lots of news happening around the world. Kim Jong-Il is dead. I don't know what to feel, whether to be happy or sad. Everyone around the world was celebrating, cheering happily; but back to the country where the nation has lost her Great Leader, everyone was weeping hysterically. Check this out if you haven't.

North Koreans appeared to be sad, whether for demonstration purposes to foreigners or fear of being killed by the ruling authorities should they didn't appear that way. Personally I was extremely disturbed after watching this video. I understand they are living under the ruling of the purest communist country in the world. None of them could escape from the terrorising family of Kim Il Sung (the creator of North Korea), otherwise might face the risk of being shot to death. There were stories told that some of their citizens have their families living in South Korea and they never got to meet them again. 

Those are typical stories. Some even tried to escape from the border of North Korea, trying to slip through into South Korea's territory for the sake of freedom. Freedom, that's what most of the North Koreans are dreaming for. The death of Kim Jung-Il does not mark the fall of North Korea, but just a change of the Great Leaders, exactly what happened in 1994 when Kim Il Sung died. Kim Jung-Un will take over and direct another new chapter of North Koreans' life. What will happen? Just wait and see. Hope that Kim Jung-Un would be nice and North Koreans' life shall improve. This has definitely taught us something, something worth while for us to reflect to. Be grateful of what you have, people! You have freedom, that's what North Koreans are dying to enjoy it. (although not to abuse that freedom) 

Anyway, it's Christmas soon!!! So these few days I indulged myself in Christmas songs. Having volunteered myself in Christmas carolling in college last Saturday in conjunction of Open Day, I knew more Christmas songs and started to sing along! =p Here are a few that you will definitely enjoy! =) 

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