Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Interesting videos! =)

I've bumped into these two interesting videos in Facebook, which I'm going to share with you all! I bet some of you have already watched one or two of these videos, but here I am going to share my thoughts with you! =)

First video is quite hilarious yet partially (or absolutely) true? 

okay I believe lots of you have watched this video cause it's spreading insidiously like wild fire or epidemic in Facebook! So many of my friends shared this and me too couldn't help but to share! =p The script was quite funny overall, from Batman to Columbus! This is what the guy in the video ranted about being in a relationship with a girl, and he really sounded so experienced. I couldn't help it but in the end of the video I laughed so loud and even my housemates were looking at me, as if I were crazy! =p 

But, are they (what he said throughout this short video) true, partially or entirely? I will say partially, because in my opinion all girls are different. In the video he stereotyped all the girls to be the same, and ironically a lot of things he mentioned fit what we (guys) always hear in the real life! Firstly, in the video, it was mentioned that a guy has to worry about his girlfriend's happiness all the time once they are in a relationship. I think it might be true to a certain extent, but a guy shouldn't care about his girlfriend's happiness ALL the time! Yes you love her, and want her to be happy! But a mature girl wouldn't create too much demands just to make herself happy while making her boyfriend not happy? The result if this rule is broken, the video above depicts it very well. 

Secondly, shopping. Trust me, guys do not like shopping so much! And even if they 'do', they do it for the sake of their loved one. Of course their loved one could be mother, sisters, girlfriend and so on. okay I'm stereotyping all guys here, but GENERALLY most guys wouldn't spend hours and hours strolling around the mall for nothing. Guys are very systematic and they only go shopping to buy things they need, and not what they don't really need at that time. Window shopping might seem interesting for girls, but definitely not for guys! They rather play video games at home or do whatever they like (hobbies, interests, etc). So girls, try not to drag your boyfriend to the mall! But if he really do want to accompany you, let him be! This proves that he loves you more than you do! Appreciate him more! =) 

Thirdly, about texting messages and phone call! I don't have much comments on it, but it seems typical for couples to text each other frequently in a day. In my opinion, text each other 3 to 4 rounds is more than enough actually! I've learnt from my mistake that I made a year ago, and now I've became more experienced. Do not text a girl too much even if you really miss her or want to chat with her. This will only make you look stupidly desperate and you might even scare her off. Text her once a day, and if she didn't reply, don't text her for a few days. If she doesn't bother to text you after more than 2 weeks, don't bother to continue your pursuit! There's a very high probability that she's not interested in you. Alright this is the process of chasing over the girl you like. But what happen if you're in a relationship? Lots of girls that I know prefer talk to each other face-to-face (if not, talk to each other on phone just to listen to each other's voice, or Skype!), instead of texting via phone or chatting via any mean (Facebook, MSN etc). So be smart, guys! =) 

Oh by the way, I like this quote from the video. Behind every successful man, there's a woman. True! But behind every unsuccessful man, there's also a woman! Anyone can tell the number of unsuccessful man is much much higher than the number of successful man in the world! =p So funny yet thought provoking! Sounds true, but I think this was just part of his rants! He was blaming the girls... haha foreveralone. =p Last one, every discussion with a girl is called an argument! =O *gasp* Warning: Do not argue with a girl! you will never win (if you're a guy LOL!) I've no comment on this, but I think you (guys) should fight for your right and freedom to speak out your thoughts if you really think yours is the absolute truth. To be in a relationship (or marriage) is not easy, but this one word is very powerful and it could possibly hold your relationship firmly to the end, TOLERANCE! Think about it. =) 

Enough of the first video, gosh I've written so many thoughts on it! =p Now it's the second one, a thought provoking yet extremely touching story. Too bad if you couldn't understand Mandarin. 

But I will give a brief story on what the video is all about. This video is about a lovely father who loves his daughter so much, trying to leave something to his daughter when his life was ending, soon. Yet he didn't want his daughter to know about it, so that she could grow up more happily, optimistically and mentally stronger. The father used to play 'hide and seek' with his daughter and he said in the video, that he's going to hide from her for very very long period of time, this round. He asked his daughter not to search for him, and asked his daughter to look after mom, to make sure that mom doesn't cry frequently (Otherwise they will be considered as losers). So he asked his daughter to make sure mom lives happily always, by making her laugh (when she's sad thinking of dad) and proud. He said, her daughter can only ask her mom about where he has been hiding, after eating 10 birthday cakes. So there you go, the game started. The daughter grew up after 10 years, to be a cheerful girl. She finally knew that her dad is dead, but she was very very proud to have such a great dad, so great that his love miraculously transformed her to grow up as a mentally strong girl. When your life is going to end, what can you leave behind? 

I felt so touched and almost cried after watching this video. I don't know, I just feel the urge of sharing this video with everyone. What you can learn from this video is definitely a tremendous one. Appreciate your loved one when they are around. Life is fulled of obstacles and problems, true, but don't ever let those problems affect your relationship with your loved one. What you leave behind (when you are dead) to your loved one, will definitely influence their future lives. You love them so much, and want them to live happily even with your physical absence in the family. Love can melt everything, and a true love can exist even after your loved one passed away. Remember, when you're dead, you will present in their (loved one) memories, always! =') So don't be too sad if someone you love passed away recently. He/She will always live in your memory! Be happy always, and your loved one will definitely be happy too in the other spectrum of the world! =') 

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