Tuesday, 21 August 2012

August Updates! =)

Hello people! Sorry for the 2-week hiatus as I was a little bit busy with accommodation stuffs and all. I was trying to find an accommodation cheaper than my own university hall in London. Oh by the way, if you have yet to know, my A-Levels result has finally been revealed! Praise the Lord that I've achieved 3A* 1A! As predicted, I've gotten an A (88 percentile) for my Economics. But still I thank God for it! A* for Maths, Further Maths and Physics are not easy to be attained! What more, I wasn't putting any hope on Physics to get A* since I've got only 90 for my AS. Enough with tears flowing and regrets, I shall be grateful that I'm still going to Cass Business School! All glory to God! Wooohooo~ :D
So what's with the accommodation? Apparently Liberty Hall (the university residence that I've applied for) costs £180 per week, which I think is quite expensive. It will then cost £720 per month just for the accommodation alone, out of £1056 monthly allowance sponsored by the Bank. In fact, I found another cheaper alternative, i.e. Sir John Cass Hall, which costs only £120 per week, but it's 10-20 minutes away by bus. Added to the monthly bus pass which cost £10 per week, it would roughly cost around £130 per week; at least £200 will be saved monthly. The only downside: It's located in Hackney area, which is densely populated with Muslim and African, indirectly signifying higher crime rate, thus a more dangerous place to live at. Eventually after discussing with my friends, I decided that I shall just live at Liberty Hall. It's nearer to the university (5 mins walk) and can bond with my university friends better. The first year is a crucial year for me to settle down, so I shall settle for a safer and better (although more expensive) option. Also, the time and energy spent on commuting might not worth the £50 saved per week.

Anyway, here's the sermon preached on the past Sunday Service (19/8/12) by Pastor Kenneth Chin! The sermon was so powerful and my heart was so touched throughout the whole service. Oh some updates on serving God through Revo Store! So far I've done MTG order and Sales, and they are not really that easy, considering the complication that might arise during closing. We are required to recount the T-shirts and other items (closing stocks - opening stocks = sales quantity), to make sure that it's tally with the record of cash counter. Anyway, everything was quite fun and personally I enjoy serving the Lord! Definitely looking forward to this Sunday for more! =)

Without further ado, here's the God-inspired Word! =)

Bible Verses: Psalm 139:23-24, 1 Samuel 16:7, Proverbs 16:32, Proverbs 25:28, Matthew 4:1-10

- We grow up in different types of packages.
- Jesus values what's growing on in our mind and heart.
- External bondage (Egypt) -> Wilderness (internal breakthroughs) -> External blessing.
- Changes can start from you, then maybe everything else will flow smoothly.
- It's not only how to manage tough times, but also tough thoughts!
- Let go of anger and deal with other internal elemets.
- There are some people with nothing yet get everything.
- We can search our hearts, but in the light of God.
- Only God can search and review wickedness in our hearts, to go for everlasting.
- Search ourself without God will only cause condemnation and comparison.
- In God, there will be no condemnation and comparison, but only conviction.
- You will have reward if invest in external beauty (compliments from people); if invest in internal
  beauty, you will have reward of eternity.
- When you want to know how great a man is, ask his wife first! xD
- God's protection is so much safer than having the most secured army camp/police station next to
  your house.
- Control your own spirit, rule your self control, & you will be bigger than the ruler of a nation!
- If you have problem, ask God.
- Lie of the enemy/devil: External leads to internal.
- Surrender all your appetites to God.
- Don't sell your destiny short. I don't need anything, I have everything that God gives me.
- A good name is to be desired than great riches.
- Goal: Be like Christ.
- You are, before you do; so invest in who you truly are.
- Sow a thought, reap a desire; sow a desire, reap an action.
- Sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, ripe a destiny; sow a destiny, reap an eternity.
- Respond (not only react), take responsibility on our thoughts.
- Fear & guilt.
- Something might fall apart without you, but don't let the guilt continues to get you.
- Why am I stuck this way? Is it because of family?
- Commit your burden to God!
- The day you release burden is the day you have your life.
- You don't have control over others' life, but God has.
- What's driving you on, is your guilt and fear. Don't sink on the weight of guilt.
- Come to a decision, resolve internally in your heart.
- Something has to die inside, for something else to live.
- Sometimes you need to be hurt, before you can be healed.
- Sometimes you have to let go, before let God to take control.
- Let go of your burden and God will take care of it!
- Don't put burden on your children (as this will kill them on the inside), but rather let them live &
  dream high! =)

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