Monday, 27 August 2012

Continuation of Survival Series! =)

Hey people! It's been a few days since my last update so yes, I'm going to update myself! But if you were busy, you may skip through the first 3 paragraphs and go straight to the sermon! Remember I was having trouble with my accommodation in London? I was contemplating whether to take up Sir John Cass Hall or Liberty Hall, in which I eventually settled down on Liberty Hall. The rushing of deadline for online payment (to secure the room) was stressful particularly when I had only a few days left before the deadline (24th of August). I kept myself busy dealing with emails from Liberty Hall Management and City University. Also, since the money involved are huge in amount (everything is in GBP), paying such amount is not possible with debit or credit card due to the exchange control policy imposed by the Central Bank since the 1997 South East Asian Currency Crisis, to circumvent speculation from international currency traders.

Apparently the only viable way is via bank transfer, and the whole process is a bit tedious for me (someone who has yet to get exposed to anything about banking). The amount of payment was not only large, but quite confusing as well. Also, I was required to send 2 passport sized photos to Liberty Hall for their security system. I was searching all over the Express Mail and Air Mail hoping to send the photos and reach there by the deadline, but to no avail. Thank God my mom came into rescue! She called up Liberty Hall Management for clarification, and everything is in order now. She also manage to send 2 passport sized photos of mine! I have paid the deposit of £200 by credit card via the online payment system to secure the room, and my mom has just carried out the bank transfer today! So all is well! Praise the Lord for such a wonderful mom! :)

Oh yes, I have done my medical checkup as well! Everything seemed to be smooth so far, praise the Lord! Tomorrow will be a busy day for me as I will be going to different places to settle everything in a day. I will be going to the Bank to collect my scholarship contract and relevant documents, KL Sentral to collect my medical report, and college to collect my statement of result. I shall sleep early tonight to store energy for tomorrow! But wait, I'm going to Quinnie's house tonight for PE1 BBQ class gathering! Wooohooo can't wait! :) 

Alright, since the title of this post is about survival series, I shall not digress too much from the main topic! Yesterday it was an awesome Sunday (every Sunday is an awesome day for me hahaha! :p) and once again Pastor Kenneth was the speaker! To be honest, whenever Pastor Kenneth is preaching, I will be extra alert to listen the sermon and it is almost certain that I would get something new. Pastor even said in Twitter later yesterday: 
Enjoy myself too much delivering God's message today. Totally lost track of time. Thank God for His presence and power... & people's patience. 
Thank you so much Pastor for delivering such a wonderful Word! Definitely looking forward to more of it! Excited for the sermon yet? Here you go! :) 

- Church is an agent for transformation. 
- Greatest test in our life is success. 
- People tend to forget God amidst of success, not in hardship. 
- You don't have to do something external to solve internal issue. 
- Word of God is like mirror to reflect who we are. 
- Sometimes something that irks us is just a testing from God on us. 
- People don't turn into who they are in just days, but due to various circumstances around. 
- God has made it easy for us to follow His ways; He works in the principles of THREE (3). 
- Body, Soul & Spirit; we focus so much on body, but God is interested in our spirit! 
- Father, Son & Holy Spirit want to help us. 
- Learn 3 things from God: Jesus's Testimony, Teachings & Telling Off. 
- Teachings: Sometimes we just need to be taught. 
- Jesus: I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. 
- Faith, Hope & Love -> All these 3 are internal. 
- If faith doesn't do it, hope will & if hope doesn't do it, love will. 
- Steal, Kill & Destroy -> Principles of Devil. 
- When reading Scripture, understand the process that we are in. 
- Worship God in Spirit & Truth. 
- Live in life of power that comes from the inside. 
- Where your marriage stands now? Has something been stolen? It's not too late to restore!  
- When a woman can no longer stand a marriage and give up, that show something deep has occur;
  a deep cut. 
- Even if you come from a divorce home, do not worry about your future. 
- While your body is still okay, make sure you invest in your soul & spirit. 
- Soul & Spirit are longing, therefore the body will react. 
- Sometimes a girl devoids of father's love, will keep searching for different male partners, in hope   
  of searching something to fill the hole inside her heart. What can truly cease her from giving away 
  her body to different guys, is Father's love; when soul & spirit is dealt with! 
- Come to a place with faith, hope & love, again! 
- Don't put value on internal from the external. 
- Lust of the Eyes, Lust of the Flesh, & Pride of Life.
- Searching ourself can lead to condemnation & confusion; God wants conviction. 
- Don't let Devil to keep deceiving us from external. 
- Be a beauty from the inside, like Christ from the inside.
- Never fought over money, as we rule over money, not otherwise. 
- Don't put our confidence on external things that society treasures, such as: 
  1) Sustenance: Never bow to it! God will provide our immediate needs. 
  2) Success: Success is not your God; at the top of pinnacle? so what? 
      At top positions, temptation not to be held accountable, will come; eg: I will do what I want to 
      do, don't tell me what to do! 
      Don't test God, you have knowledge of God? Good, take it to draw yourself closer to God. 
      Don't tempt, don't take God's mercy and grace for granted, as God can call you home any 
      second He wants. 
      Be under authority, do what your God says, be a top man in God's eyes.
  3) Security: Security is not your God; find your security in God. 
- It's not your weight, your height, or your background to give you authority, but how you find 
  yourself in Christ.  

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