Monday, 16 July 2012

First Two Sunday Sermons of July (8/7 & 15/7)! =)

Sunday Service (8/7/12) (by Pr. Kenneth Chin)

Title: Blessings of Abraham 
Bible Verses: Galatians 3:13-14; Genesis 12:4, 13:2, 15:6, 15:15, 20, 25:7-8; Romans 4:13-25 

- Hold on to the unchangeable (God), and don't hold on to those changable. 
- God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. 
- We can stand firm only on the solid rock foundation (Jesus). 
- Righteousness is the key. 
- None of us can be righteous by ourselves. 
- Someone of same problem can end up with different outcomes. 
- The blessing of Abraham is obtain righteousness just by faith. 
- When you believe, you will be rewarded. 
- By using our mind, strengths and experience, it will not go far. 
- Only by faith, everything is made possible, miracles happen. 
- Part of these blessings of Abraham are through faith. 
- Be fully convinced. 
- He is the Father of Impossible. 
- Blessing of Abraham is Favour. 
- He was the Friend of God. 
- Friend eating your food without asking = sharing; 
  stranger eating your food without asking = stealing. 
- Authority comes from identity. 
- Authority = Power. 
- We are already blessed and this is constant. 
- Only we have the choice whether to reject God, no devil can rob us away from God. 
- Our identity in Christ is permanent (children of God). 
- Financial blessing: God's blessing can be overflowing through financial prosperity. 
- Fit (healthy): Go to te grave in peace without worries and stresses. Good old age can be obtained 
  through the blessing of Abraham. 
- By law and flesh, you are your parents' child (might inherit sickness), but by spirit, you are the 
  child of God. 

Sunday Service (15/7/12) (by Elder Kien Yak) 
Bible Verses: 1 Samuel 16:1-12; Deuteronomy 8; 1 Corinthians 13 

- Lord does not see as the way man see. 
- Don't judge. 
- Rejection is hard and tough to accept. 
- Just by reading God's Word without practicing it will have no breakthrough. 
- Regardless of your length of period being a believer, God always has a greater level for you. 
- If you live by 'I should have', you will not please God. 
- How long it takes to pick yourself up? Days? Months? 
- God is preparing our breakthroughs, having something in store for you.
- Don't avoid responsibility and put blame on others. 
- It's part of our job to take care of our own responsibilities. 
- Don't boast in front of people (eg: I have done this and that, what have you done?) 
- God has the promotion for you, so don't forget to thank Him. 
- David is selected as a King, even when he was still in the field before promotion. 
- Many people are trying to prove to God to gain God's favour, don't do that, cause God knows 
  exactly where you stand. 
- If our attitude/character is not right, it will not be able to sustain the promotion as downfall will 
  occur soon.

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