Monday, 23 July 2012

Obliged to Serve! =)

Before going into the topic, I'm going to share the sermon preached by Pastor Kenneth Chin yesterday morning at SPCC! Yes Acts Central has once again moved on from Summit Hotel to SPCC, a great God-inspired move! =) Oh by the way, I would like to wish congratulations to my campus pastor Pastor Dave and Katherine for their wedding on the past Saturday! I attended their wedding in Luther Centre PJ, and God's presence was indeed very tangible for the whole ceremony! This was my first time attending a wedding, and I believe so do many of my campus brothers and sisters! The whole wedding was very lively filled with laughter and joy, and sacred with vow of bride and groom to each other! Kat even cried while saying the vow! :') Aww. So yeah, the whole ceremony was very very sweet! Haha! <3

Haha how sweet they are! <3 Praise the Lord! Anyway, time for the sermon preached yesterday at SPCC! =)

Bible Verses: Hebrew 11:6, Deuteronomy 8:1-18

- God is God, even when all circumstances say He isn't.
- Although sometimes you don't know what is left, you should always do what is right.
- There are things that God tests (our heart).
- Although there are challenges/obstacles against us, if that's God's will, it shall be done!
- Generation in form of spirit.
- When God tests us, God will test everyone involved in the deal.
- Continue to be soft hearted, pliable.
- Fix your eyes on God, and obey, then God's grace and love will sustain us.
- God is a magnet, let God be glorified.
- Point people to Christ.
- Every command that God says, just obey! God will provide to those who are obedient.
- After every wilderness, people come out stronger.
- Not people develop buildings, but buildings develop people.
- Through tough times, we grow tougher spiritually.
- Things don't always happen in our ways, but God has better plans!
- You can never lose what you have given to God!
- Bouncing back after falling!
- Just continue to trust God, that He will give us more than what we could have imagined.
- Praise God not just on the mountain, but even in the valley!
- God is in control and church shall prosper!
- Nothing can stop churches from growing cause God wants it to grow!
- Don't hold on to these luxurious life as God has so much more for you!
- Don't live a life devoid of challenges and testings!
- God has meant good in the end, for you! We win, in the end!
- For breakthroughs to happen, you need a new challenge!
- 5 points for breakthrough:
  i) God always tell us something, expect a Word from Him!
     Success can hinder us from achieving next level God has for us.
  ii) It will be beyond your budget (plans included), not necessarily only beyond your mean.
     Expect your plans to be messed up by God!
     Adjustments needed not only for fund, but also focus.
 iii) Always have chance to doubt, and choices to follow.
     The longer it takes for you to obey, the higher the chance for you to have doubts.
     We don't live life by what our bank accounts dictate, but live by God's will!
     Obey all the way! Give your thoughts fully to God!
 iv) Things may not have turned out as your way or what you have envisioned.
     God's ways/thoughts are higher/greater than ours. God is able. Just obey!
 v) Don't forget God when you succeed!
     It's the time of success that there's greatest test!
     God will test our maturity, that we are not so weak when things don't turn out our way.
     God's way is better, cause God has meant good for all of us! =)

While Pastor Kenneth was preaching the sermon, he mentioned about planting a new church in London called Acts London. I was overwhelmed with joy when I heard it! I started to think of what God has in store for me in London, to serve Him! Acts London, is that possible? God is able, nothing is impossible with God! If that's God's will, Acts London shall prosper! I told Pastor Dave about my joy of knowing the plan, and Pastor told me it's still in praying stage! I will definitely be very interested to join Acts London should there's any church plant there! For 3 years that I will be studying in London hopefully, I shall discover and develop many of my hidden talents/potentials and I am definitely looking forward to it!

About serving the church for 2 months before flying off, I finally received a call from God, that I shall serve! I don't know exactly why I didn't do so earlier when I joined Acts Church early this year, possibly clouded by the thoughts of exam preparations. I could have joined Acts Host, Acts Web, Acts Expresso, Acts Kids, Acts TV and even Acts Stream if I want! Now it seems like I have missed out a lot of fun. Yes serving God can be fun, albeit tiring, if you enjoy doing what you are doing in church! Pop me some ideas on which one to join for 2 months? :)

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