Wednesday, 10 March 2010

A Unbreakable Promise!!! ^_^

In a lifetime, i believed most of the people have had promised with anyone just about everything, but how often or regularly do they actually fulfill their promises? It'd be remained as a question for all of the readers back then. Yesterday, i myself have a few special words in a conversation with her, which later on turned out as a promise for me. She'd be leaving today, besides her packed schedule today and her leaving bus in the afternoon, 2pm to be precise. She need to go back to her school in KL to receive her SPM result that'd be announced this Thursday and so, she have to leave earlier due to some transport problems. Yesterday night, in the conversation, she said that she'd online early in the morning and by that time i was normally sleeping still. Albeit i have never promise directly with her, but it was indeed a promise for me. So, as usual, i enjoyed surfing Internet yesterday, without any realization, the time did flew and it was 1.30am. So, i switched off my lappy and headed for my bed. Unfortunately, everything started to come across my mind and i just can't fell asleep. Everything. Result, car driving lessons, promise, etc etc etc. Well, actually i did set my alarm clock to wake me up at 7.15am, so i have no much worries about the wake up part. After tossing here and there on my bed, finally, at 2.30am, i fell asleep.

 At 7.15am sharp, the alarm clock rang but i only switched off the alarm clock and intended to continue my slumber. Abruptly, everything came into mind, again, and so i woke up and try my luck, whether she was online or not. Well, down to my disappointment, i was totally embraced myself in despair. She didn't online, apparently. But, one thing i'd never expected was that she could be appearing offline, and that was what exactly she did. Appearing from nowhere, she suddenly buzzed me with a emoticon of ":P", which totally dispersed my senses of despair and disappointment into pieces. I was totally out of words when she buzzed me, and she said that the "phenomena" of me waking up early was unusual. Well, it was just for her, i did it. Or else, i think for now i'd still sleep like a sleeping beast as what she occasionally call me as. I chatted with her in jubilation, and the sweet moment was never last long. In 30 minutes time, she had to out from the conversation and prepares for the breakfast and her packed schedule. No matter what, i still deeply appreciates the time we spent together. Well, sincerely i'm just hoping that she'd get stupendous result in the SPM exam that'd be announced on this coming Thursday. For me myself, i'm just hoping that my result slip'd be appeared just like what i have anticipated and anyways, good luck to every SPM leaver. =)

Favourite Music! =)