Sunday, 21 March 2010

A Day Trip!!! ^_^

Oh, almost forget about one problem that i faced during JPA scholarship application a week ago. If i'm not mistaken, on last Friday, when i filled in JPA scholarship application form by online, I found out that the third column at the Sports activities/achievements kept on appearing as "TIADA". But in fact, i have chose "Lain-lain" as my choice. So, i had to amend it back into "Lain-lain" but it was futile. After altered it for three times, I was blocked by the JPA's technical system and i can't update anything by that time. I felt terrifying by that time and don't know what to do. Luckily, on last Saturday, my fifth aunt from Kuala Kangsar came to my house as she had something to do with the Ministry of Education in Putrajaya. She is a principal in one of the primary schools in Kuala Kangsar for your information. So, i may go along with my mom and aunt as well to JPA office in Putrajaya.

So, on this past Monday, my mom took a leave and brought my aunt and me to Putrajaya. My mom dropped by Ministry of Education for over an hour, and then straight to JPA office for clearing my technical problem. At the JPA office, there was a Malay lady at the 5th floor sitting there at the counter in front. So, i told her about my problem and fortunately, she helped me by calling JPA's technical team to clear the blocking to my scholarship application, by using my IC numbers and name. In just half an hour, everything was fixed and back to normal. So, we went back to my house and rest for an hour before went out for shopping and lunch. After having lunch at the Seri Kembangan's Chinese market, we moved on to Mid Valley for shopping.

At the Mid Valley Megamall, we walked in the Jusco and later on i went to MPH to search for some books. Then, we rested by McD and i had a delicious Chocolate melted with milk ice cream. At the Mid Valley, there was also a exhibition for the movie of  "Alice in the Wonderland" and there was cute mushrooms there. So, we took photos for memories. Those were really nice pictures indeed!!! ^_^

*It's me with the cute mushrooms*

*My aunt said I was wearing a huge mushroom hat. LOL!!!*

*With my dearest mom*

*My fifth aunt from Kuala Kangsar*

So, after having a walk at Mid Valley Megamall, we headed to my cousin's apartment in Mont Kiara, KL. Her apartment was superb, with a nice swimming pool in front of the balcony, and open air in front of the main door. So it was quite windy at night especially. Overall it was a comfortable house to live in. Here are a few pictures you guys wanna see, taken at my cousin's house. Oh and my cousin served me a chocolate coated milk ice cream with topped of chocolate melt. Yummy!!! ^_^ 

*With my lovely mom and cousin*

*My cousin, fifth aunt and mom*

*View of swimming pool from the balcony, at night* 

 *Part of my cousin's house*

*Nice decorations above the furniture in my cousin's house* 

After chatting at my cousin's house for over an hour, we headed to Japanese restaurant nearby to have our dinner with my cousin. The restaurant was located inside a mall and the food there were scrumptious. I have never tasted such a delicious Japanese food before. And i definitely want to try more in future. Oh and i had another cup of Chocolate Ice blended. Thanks to my cousin, she served us for the whole meal and that was so nice of her. Thanks again!!! After having the great dinner, we went home finally. =) 

p/s: I have eaten a total sum of 3 chocolate ice cream that day. Wow!!! So unbelievable!!! But seriously, chocolates were delicious!!! =P 

Favourite Music! =)