Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Wooohooo~ My Third Car Driving Lesson!!! ^_^

Yeah, as the title above, tomorrow i'd be attending my third car driving lesson as early as 6.30am, and i supposed that this lesson'd be extending until 10am, just like last Thursday. Undeniably, it'd be my last car driving lesson before i faces the most frightening judgement day in my whole 17-year-old of life; a day that'd leave either a sweet memories or a scar in my fragile, brittle heart, on this coming Thursday. Despite having a hard sleep for these few days, there is nothing much i can do for now and the fact'd be remained as a fact. The only thing that i can do for now to calm me down is just praying hard for my anticipation to be fulfilled. But, no matter what'd be appeared on the result slip this Thursday, i just have to be open-minded and accept everything. Anyways, just hoping that i'd be enjoying my third car driving lesson tomorrow. =)

p/s: Tonight is rather silent without her, for the first day. =(

Favourite Music! =)