Monday, 1 March 2010

Started to learn piano!!! ^_^

I have been hoping to learn musical instrument since i was still in primary school yet i don't have any chance of learning it as my family is a medium income family and i strongly believes that my parents won't be able to afford any musical class for me. So, when i was in Form 1, my friend's friend offers to organize guitar lessons and finally, i have had the chance of learning my very first musical instrument- guitar. I was studied in evening classes when i was in Form 1. Every Wednesday after finishing my classes at school, my friends and I'd start to go to the church to learn guitar lessons. The fees were rather cheap, and it was just 20 bucks per month, just to afford the electric and water fees. From there, i have learnt the chords for the very first time, and i think that it was quite easy as long as practices it frequently. As learning guitar don't really have to know the musics score, I left knowing nothing on the music scores and that was really such a waste for me. I have learnt guitar for two years and when i was in Form 3,  i stopped to learn it as one of the  public examinations at my age was around the corner.

After leaving it, i rarely practiced in playing guitar anymore due to the packed schedules almost everyday. When i was in Form 4, i switched my school into one of the best fully residential school, Alam Shah Science School in Kuala Lumpur and spend my life there for two years. Now, i have finished the major public examination and still waiting for the result. I stayed at home almost everyday and have plenty of time to kill. I have even learnt some college maths and now, i decided to learn piano on my own. Just now, my little sister who is the member of Catholic High School school band, taught me the chords on the piano and taught me ways to read the music scores. The base clef is played by using the left hand, and the treble clef is played by using the right hand. I have even learnt the symbols of sharp, flat and natural. Overall, it was quite fun and easy to learn but i can say that to play the piano smoothly by using both hand concurrently, it'd need years of hard work to practice it until acquire the form of perfection. I really hoping that i can master it in the time to come. =)


  1. good for you. learning to play musical instrument is very good. i wanted to have my own flute but can't afford one. so rindu playing flute laa! haha.

  2. i hope i can hear u play someday.

    hee :D

  3. fird: yeah i really appreciate the art of musics and you know what, my older sister used to play flute during her secondary years in her school band and you are just like her. Yeah, i'm pretty sure that you'd able to afford it very soon. =)

  4. nodame: yeah sure, i'd play it for you one day. hee~ :D


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