Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Birthday!!! =/

I wished to say "Happy Birthday" to all of the friends who were born on the 29th of February as well as 1st of March, although there is not 29th of February this year. I have always thought that the people who were born in 29th of February are actually way tougher and stronger than the other peers who were born in different dates, cause they only able to celebrate their birthday once per four years, and that'd be really anguishing for them to withstand the sense of envy towards their peers. Just on my own humble opinions, i guess that maybe those who were born in 29th of February can substitute their birthday on the 1st of March in order to evade the sense of jealousy and depressed. That's one of the solutions for that problem i think. So, just want to make it short, i want to wish everyone who was born on 29th of February and 1st of March, " Happy Birthday". I hope that your huge dreams'd come true, be wholesome, be happy and smile always. =)

Favourite Music! =)