Saturday, 20 March 2010

"S" Scholarships!!!!

Wow, can't believe i have neglected my lovely blog for such a long time, even though everyday facing the computer. For now, i guess i'm facing some complications for scholarships application, which are the Shell Scholarship, Sime Darby Scholarship and Security Commission (SC) Scholarship. Ironically, three of them start with the letter "S". Funny, isn't it? Haha... okay, i better stop laughing before someone say i'm a weirdo. Well, what're the problems? After leaving high school for over 4 months, my writing skills seriously deteriorate days by days, and yet the Sime Darby Scholarship and SC Scholarship need the applicants to write essays. Wonderful. For the Sime Darby Scholarship, the closing date for it still one week away. No worries, but for the SC scholarship, it's just 4 days left from the closing date. The worst part is that applicants need to write the essay by handwritten. Gosh, that means i can't use my laptop to write it, which practically faster than that by handwritten.

So, i still doubt about the SC scholarship application. Should i apply for it? I know the chances of being selected as one of the scholars is really really slim, just like Khazanah Global Scholarship. Hope someone can give me some advices regardless of the form. Alright, next, Shell Scholarship. In my opinion, Shell Scholarship is one of the earliest scholarships opened to everyone, if i'm not mistaken, in early January. When i means everyone, of course that including candidates from SPM, A-Level, STPM, etc etc etc. Of course, Shell Scholarship is also one of the most complicated scholarships besides SC and Sime Darby. It requires resume/CV, testimonials from principal/vice principal and certified certificates throughout senior high school's life(Form 4 and 5). Well, no worries as well. The closing date of Shell scholarship is the same as Sime Darby Scholarship, if i'm not mistaken.

Hopefully i can do my resume and essays on time. Regarding the Security Commission, somebody please advise me. Thanks in advance and i really appreciate it. =)

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