Monday, 29 March 2010

A Demanded Update!!! ^_^

Hey, bloggers!!! It has been a week since the very last time i written my last post, and i'm sorry for neglected everyone, dearest blog, and the long hiatus. Since i am being demanded/ordered by starlover and baby tiger, i have to update this blog. Actually, i have encountered lots of events throughout this whole week, but yet i don't have the mood to write them down, albeit i do really wish to. I don't know what had happened to me, maybe i have being too busy for these few days, trying my best to finish essays, resume and scholarships' applications.

On the past 22 March, I found out that PNB Overseas Scholarships is actually opened to non-Bumiputra starting from this year onward due to the result of 1Malaysia policy. Before this, I printed out the application form but didn't fill it as from my friends' mouth, i knew it was only opened to Bumiputra. Hence, i was not really rush to applying it, but since my mom kept on pestering me to fill up the form, i have to fill in the application form in the end. After filling up the form, on the very next day, which was on 22 March itself, my mom called to PNB Education Department to make sure that it was only eligible to Bumiputra. Out of her expectation, the officer informed my mom, saying that it is opened to Non-Bumiputra as well this year. At the mean time, my dad brought my certificates to his office, to be certified by his boss. Luckily, on 23 March, which was the due date of the scholarship, my mom sent the application forms alongside with certified certificates and documents to the PNB Tower in KL. Thanks God, good luck in everyone who's applying for this scholarship. =)

p/s: I have lots more to tell, but in the next post, okay? It's 1.38am now by the way, have to get some nice sleep as i need to wake up early in the morning tomorrow, and get myself busy with another hectic scholarship's application (Shell Scholarship). >.<

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