Thursday, 4 March 2010

Finally!!! Recom recovered!!! ^_^

Yeah, finally Recom has been recovered from some technical problems that had been encountered for these few days, 4 days to be precise if i'm not mistaken, and i'm really really glad to see Recom functions again. Throughout this period, i really missed Recom a lot and felt that some part of my life has been gone and felt empty as i have been active in Recom for these three months, almost. However, the chat box was disabled as moderators suspected that the source of technical problems that Recom had been faced was the chat box, and i can't really understand the reasons and theories. Maybe it was the source where the spammers inject the viruses and trojans or something like that. Oh, maybe i was the spammer itself, spam too much at the chat box. LOL..XD Anyway, i'm really glad to know that a lot of Recommers actually succeed in STPM'09 with stupendous result of 4As and 5As. For Johnivan, I'm really happy for him and wish to congratulate him for scoring 5As in the exam, 4As and 1A-, for Further Maths T, one of the two scorers in that particular subject out of 16 candidates who have taken it last year. Congratulations, John Soo!!! May you succeed in your future endeavor and may God bless you. =) Hope that all the Recommers who have taken SPM'09 would score stupendous results, just like the seniors who have scored well in STPM'09. ^_^


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