Saturday, 20 March 2010

JPA PILN Scholarship Application!!!!!! ^_^

Well, just wanna share with you all, the things that i have encountered when i was applying for JPA scholarship for the very first time in my life. As usual, i filled in the JPA scholarship application form that i found from Esila website. Just as i have filled in most of the info needed in the form, suddenly my main problems unearthed. Which course should i choose??? When i browse through the list of minimum requirement for every course in JPA/Mara, abruptly my eyes caught on my dream course, Actuarial Science. Everything seemed normal, but when i seen the sponsor for this course was only Mara, my heart started to be fragile. I can't really believed it, and so i read the FAQ of JPA PILN 2010. When this question and answer (as below) appeared in front of my eyes, my hopes totally broken into pieces. =(

22. Kenapa bidang Sains Aktuari tidak ditawarkan di bawah PILN 2010?
Bidang Sains Aktuari tidak lagi ditawarkan untuk ke luar negara kerana bidang tersebut tidak lagi tergolong dalam bidang keutamaan. 

So, i have to pick my alternative choice to replace the Actuarial Science. Suddenly, a bright idea came out from my mind and i suggested that, how if i choose a course that can eventually link me to actuarial field. The only courses that can link to actuarial field in future are only Science and Economics. Thanks to the suggestions and advices from the seniors in Recom, finally i choose Science as my course in this JPA scholarship application. In fact, the reason i chose Science as my course in JPA scholarship is that Science is a very wide field. Few days ago, i intended to major in Mathematics under Science course as Maths is closely related to Actuarial Science. Here is my plan: When i pursue Bachelor of Science (Mathematics), at the mean time, i can study for actuarial professional exams as well. When there is a will, there is a way.

Here comes a statement that actually regain my broken hopes. Actually, JPA allows Science scholars to study almost every major with the title BSc. in front of the name of major. On the previous years, JPA segregated Actuarial Science from those Science scholars since there was Actuarial Science itself as an independent course offered by JPA. But now, as JPA don't offer Actuarial Science from this year onward, maybe Actuarial Science can be pursued by Science scholars. In fact, a lot of foreign universities actually name the degree for Actuarial Science as Bachelor of Science (Actuarial Science), for example Cass Business School in City University London. Well, this is merely an assumption of mine. But hopefully, JPA won't be so cruel i think. Anyways, JPA scholarship application has been closed 2 days ago and any change'd be futile. The most important thing now is the JPA interview. This is the only matter within our control now. I'm hoping that i'd get selected and do well in the interview soon. Good luck everyone!!! Wish me tonnes of luck too!!! =)

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