Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Recovery from being emotional hurt!!! ^_^

"Out of clutter, find simplicity."  
This is one of the famous quotes from Albert Einstein's The Three Rules of Work and i have been applying it when i played the game of "Cube Field". Most of my friends found out that the game is actually very hard to play, and sometimes i myself found out that when the game was played to a certain extent, it was actually quite hard to cope with the sudden changes in speed as well as the colors. After i have set a record among my friends in Facebook for the "Cube Field", i'm actually find it hard to get back my top score and even set another top score. In the attempts of getting back my top score, i found out that i would be easily become tension due to the some distraction caused by my family members. My mom shout easily but in fact just to tell my sister and me to eat the excess rice tomorrow for lunch, and my sister distracted me and wanted me to teach her Physics Form 4 chapter 2, about the velocity time graph. So, for no any solid reason, i became emo again and i really don't know what to do by that time.

By that time, i was chatting with my best friend and when she found out about it, she tried her very best to console me and advise me. She even posted a video about cute baby laughing, and that was really hilarious. I tried to ignore her, but then i found out that i can't, so i went and take a bath to cool myself down. Upon finishing my bath, she cheered and consoled me again. She wanted me to smile, and actually my mood had been recovered, so i fooled around and type "smile", but in turn used a sad emoticon. Then, i revealed myself and being happy again, but my friend in turn threw me a few "snowballs" for fooling her around. Sorry, nodame!!! I just tried to play to cheer me up. Anyway, I really appreciates your efforts and thanks in advance. I'd never ever dare to lose you as my best friend forever. =)

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