Saturday, 6 March 2010

My Dream Last Night!!! ^_^

I bet most of the SPM'09 leavers has only one thing in their respective minds now, which is the their results that'd be announced next Thursday. Of course, i'm included in that particular category where the sense of nervousness totally overwhelming me each day and it is getting worst as the day becomes nearer and nearer. I have heard many of my friends worried so much and they even dreamed of their results, and i was just wondering why i didn't dream anything yet for now. My inquiry have been answered last night, and it was totally unpredictable. I dreamed that i get 7A+s and 3As, and it was so unbelievable as i have only aimed for 3A+s and 7As hopefully. I was just so happy, in the dream of course. I even thought that it was true, until the sounds from the renovation of my neighbor's house woke me up from the sweet dream. It was 9am by that time, and i just slumbered back to search back the dream, but it was unsuccessful. Anyway, i have slept for another 3 and a half hours before i crawled up from my bed reluctantly. I guess i have to just hope that the dream comes true next week. Good luck everyone!!! ^_^

Favourite Music! =)