Monday, 1 March 2010

Awoke from 3 hours slumber!!! ^_^

In this very tranquil morning, as i was enjoying my nice sleep, my father woke me up abruptly in a rush mood and i just can't think anything by that time. So i just followed him to downstairs to help him as what he has requested. After gazing at my father's car out of the gate, i closed the main gate by using the remote control button from inside of the house. My father said that his remote control suddenly couldn't functioned normally and the main gate can only be closed by using the button inside the house now. So, the first day of March, in that very serene morning, fulled with the twittering and chirping of the birds, and the sound of insects from somewhere far away, i helped my father after having 3 hours of slumber. I was supposed to continue my sleep 15 minutes ago, but i just don't really know the exact reason, the temptation of the computer was just way too strong i couldn't resist it. So, i just started up my computer and enjoyed it. Just on my Facebook for one or two minutes, my best friend buzzed me at the Facebook chat and conversed with me for about 3 minutes before she out, as she need to help her grandmother to sell kuihs. I'm quite happy albeit she just spent 3 minutes with me and I really appreciate it. Hope she'd have a nice day! =) Hmm, i guess that i have to just leap back to my most comfortable bed and continue my pleasant slumber. Good Morning everyone!!! ^_^

Favourite Music! =)