Wednesday, 26 August 2009

My Memorable Visit to Perth, Australia(31 May 2009 - 8 June 2009)

Well...i never go to Australia before...only heard of it and always hope to go there...Lately, my school held a internationalization programme and from there i gained a extremely precious opportunity to make a trip to the country i always dream of - which is Perth, Australia. It is an remarkable experiences for me as most of the "first time in my whole 17 years lifetime" events took place in this wonderful trip. i took a airplane for the first time in my life, saw and touched a koala and kangaroos for the first time, went to a totally different culture place for the first time, went to a famous high school, which is the Guildford Grammar School,  went to prestigious universities in Australia, which is the University of Western Australia a.k.a UWA, the Curtin University of Technologies and Murdoch University for the first time. The trip to Perth was stupendous!!!^^ Everything seems to be stranger for me there, however due to my suitability to a totally new environment, i'm able to survive there for this whole trip, which is for about a week. And i had visited many places in Perth, which including the tourist areas and the educational centers, such as the Perth Science Center, the Swan River(one of  the river located near the city central of Perth), the Perth Mint, Perth Zoo, Caversham Wildlife Park, Margaret River Chocolate Factory, the Guildford Village Potter, the Nando Nugget, the Hay Street, the Guildford Grammar School, the prestigious University of Western Australia, Curtin University of Technologies and the Murdoch University, which has many years of experiences carry out researches in the veterinary field.    
Every morning in Perth was a cool and freezing morning as the winter was just approaching the city of Perth. The temperature there was just approximately 10 degree Celsius to 20 degree Celsius. Everyday in Perth was a well-planned moment, as all of the programmes there had been arranged and planned by my school beloved and dedicated teachers. Everyday in Perth makes me felt adventurous and curious due to the interesting places and cultures there. One of the memorable moments was during the visit to the Curtin University of Technologies, where a talk about the courses available there was given by the students there to all of the delegation students, including me of course!!!^^ 
Well, what greatly caught my attention there was a talk of my preferred course, which is the actuarial science. I have never go for a talk in actuarial science, hence that was my first opportunity to listen for that talk. The talk of actuarial science course was given by Nur Hana Marlili Ramli, which was one of the Malaysian students there in the university. She had finished her higher secondary school in Sekolah Seri Puteri, which was located in Kuala Lumpur seven years ago. Currently, she is studying the course of actuarial science in PHD programme. Well, she said that actuary is one of the brightest person in the business world. Actuary helps reduce the risk and damages the undesired events can cause by applying the maths skill and the risk management skill to solve various problems in the business world. Actuarial science embraces a lot of topics, such as risk management, probability, statistic, finance, economic and accounting. Actuary has a wide range of working sector,  such as insurance, banking, risk management, meteorology, and business world. Although it is extremely hard to qualify as an certified actuary, however, it is highly rewarding as it is one of the most demanding jobs in the world. Every single decision of an actuary made will bring a tremendous effects to the community, perhaps million of people and sometimes billion. Hence, from that talk, i was determined to study actuarial science after i finished my SPM examination. I want to become a qualified actuary as this particular job can always consolidate my maths skill throughout my life. 
After 9 days, i went back to my homeland, which is Malaysia with a full of knowledges and experiences to share with others. Hope everyone enjoy reading my blog!!!^^ Thanks a lot....=)

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