Saturday, 26 September 2009

I'm turning 17-year-old today(25 September 2009)!!!=) yay,,,,ahahaha~

yay....finally the moment of happiness reached within me....
i'm turning 17 now....and the day started at 12am....there was the first friend that sms me and wished me for the birthday...and one more first wished me through the internet....both wished at 12am precisely and simultaneously...=)
so happy there are friends that still remember my birthday...
which are my true friends of course...^^
In the morning the day started when my mum woke me up and wished me happy birthday....and in the mean time my uncle's family who came from Isle of Penang wished me sisters wished me too of course... my uncle's  family who are Muslims gave me raye money and the money for my birthday which substituted my birthday present i first raya money...ahahahhaha~
then, i went to church with my uncle's car where my uncle's family wanted to go back to Isle of Penang these morning...and everyone in the church just acted like normal except one that still remembered my birthday, which is my best friend Beh2. Everything just went on normal and nothing so special in the church happened as if it was not my birthday. In the evening, me and my friends which were approximately in the number of 20 went to the badminton court near the South City Plaza to play badminton. Everyone required to pay RM 3 for the rental of the courts and it was just for two hours. Wow!!!So many people for two courts...never mind...just play it...It was a great moment to have badminton matches and everyone just tried hard to win each other. As it was a game of twin, hence the stronger partner needed to support the one who not that good in badminton and taught them the true ways and technics to play badminton. It was a wonderful time for all to enjoy the beauty and the sensation of playing badminton. After two hours of sweating, all of my friends went to the food court nearby and had a drink. I was chatting with one of my friends by that time and i was the last one to walk to the food court without any realisation. And when i reached the food court, i was totally shocked by the rhythm and song of birthday sung by my friends. 'How did they know that???' i whispered to myself. They bought me a small birthday cake which was quite nice actually and they want me to have wishes in it. I wished everyone can be happy always and hope those who are going to take SPM and PMR examinations which will be held very soon are able to score straight A's in it. And i was recorded by two of my friend throughout the event. After taking pictures with the lovely cake, i started to cut it into slices and distributed it to my friends. Honestly, i was extremely happy with the event and no one have done it for me before this. It was a very touching moment and I just hope that this can be continued in the future. After that, i went back to my home and the birthday of mine in the year 2009 was ended perfectly. Thanks everyone that wished me for my 17-year-old birthday and had the small party for me(my friends), even it was in a food court. The hard works were highly appreciated and thanks everyone. Thanks God!!! =)


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