Friday, 18 September 2015

Beautiful Birthday Celebration for Colleague

Very unsuspicious.

Daniel hopped on the front of Jed's car along with another four of us at the back (hahaha I know... it was tad bit crowded!), and we started heading off to our predetermined lunch destination. After weeks of having Chinese dai-chao (大炒) for lunch, Daniel requested for a change asking for Siew-yok (烧肉) this time round and we were all more than happy to oblige!

Just look at the dishes and tell me you are not tempted! Hahaha I bet you are, and indeed they were pretty scrumptious too!

Anyway, after Ian and the rest arrived from another car and finished their meals earlier (as they were sitting at a separate table), the show began! Thanks to Ian's natural entertaining prowess, all of us started to burst into laughter, alongside with all of us singing birthday song to the birthday boy who just turned 24 a few days ago. Here are some of the pictures and you will understand why... absolutely creative idea of making a "mini model" of Audi R8 by using cardboards and newspapers, coupled with our Post-its wishes. Heart-warming at the same time as some of us spent some extra time to build Daniel's new car. Hahaha!



 Now you finally understood what I meant by the mini model of Audi R8! Indeed, I am extremely grateful for this bunch of awesome people in the Bank from CF (Christian Fellowship), knowing that I will never be alone walking this journey in the Bank. Thank God for each and everyone of them! :)

Random but unique questions being thrown around during the lunch break that were unusual today, probably because there were some of us who are new to the group hahaha!

1) Do you have a bf/gf?
2) What kind of guy/girl do you like?
3) Cat or dog person?


1) *Pause* No. But Daniel was quick to analyse and said this response meant "in transition". He was partially but not exactly right. My response was inclined more towards confusion than being in a transition. Something more complicated which I myself can't really tell at times.

2) I answered "Don't know". But that was an extremely simplified answer to a long list of criteria which I have over the year figured out. I don't really mind personally about the height and age of the girl (although all these traits can be some important parts of the criteria), as long as she's not much taller/older than me, slightly is fine. The physical traits that always manage to catch my attention are beautiful girls' eyes (without much artificial makeup) and mesmerising smiles, hands down! I somehow think I am prone to be drawn towards long haired girls too!

On a deeper level, I care more about the personality and character of the girl, and normally personality/character of a girl that can capture me are being compassionate, intelligent, independent, have deep conviction and relationship with God. Most likely this girl is cheerful and she smiles always too. Didn't I tell you girls who always smile have the most beautiful souls?

Having said these, I myself have to start guarding my own heart and continue to mould myself towards becoming the guy who is desirable for the one girl yet to ever come into my life.

3) Growing up, I am a dog person simply because of its cuteness and loyal nature. But as time passes, I somehow favour cats as well, probably due to its nature of being independent and sharp looking. Not only that, cats are seemed to be sly and tricky as well, portraying a deep thinking nature. At times, cats can also have eyes that will anytime melt my heart and have me killed on the spot. LOL just like some girls...

Signing off.

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