Saturday, 26 September 2015

My 23rd Birthday and Why was it Unique!

Yesterday marked my 23rd birthday! While I could not quite put all my thoughts into words, I will try my best. If you have been following this blog for the past few weeks, I hope you will have noticed the increasing efforts I have put in to continue updating the blog. I have made this a commitment that I will update this blog at least once every two days, sometimes even more. This change, coupled with exercising every morning and reading every night after work, compose part of my transition process into the working life.

This is the power of Habit! But I was trying to break one of it. The night before when my mom asked me on the time to wake up yesterday morning (since she's currently car pooling with me to work), I told her, "Early (it means we will depart from our house by 6:15am)". Understandbly she did not seem happy because then she will need to wake up early at as early as 5:30am. But because of my laziness and I was trying to give myself a break, I decided not to set my own alarm clock so that I will need to rely on my mom to wake me up in the morning. She woke me up yesterday morning at 5:55am and I had to drag myself to gym. 

You see, my family is not a family who will vocalise all our inner thoughts. Deep down our hearts, we know that parents love their children dearly but not all parents would vocalise their feelings and say "I love you dear!". Not my parents. I grew up in a strict family and everything must be in accordance with discipline. But although they do not vocalise their feelings, they show their love by actions! And the above was a perfectly fine example. My mom rather let herself to be unhappy, than making me unhappy! If she woke me up half an hour later, it means I would have missed my gym session and would probably start my day feeling unhappy and frustrated. I definitely love my mom to bits! (although she still forgot to wish me "happy birthday" in the morning.)

So, no gym break even on my birthday. I still continued my morning gym session and it worked its magic as usual! The reason why I prefer to work out early in the morning before work is that, contrary to my initial belief that it will make me feel lethargic post workout, it makes me feel energetic for the rest of the day! This is the gym story, the same goes to blogging. Yesterday I posted a blog entry as well, writing on the insights gained from the World Changers Conference I attended two days ago. I definitely encourage you to read it if you have time.

So I started my day with seemingly unskippable gym session and blog writing. Everything seemed pretty normal up to this stage. In the afternoon, I went for my Friday lunch with my usual CF colleagues (plus two more economists haha!), and we had great lunch despite not having a car to drive out to other places other than Sogo area, like any other past Fridays. But things started to get weird, when I was about to pay for my share of meal. The meal costed each person RM23, and yet I only have RM25 so I tried to pay her RM25, but she said "Later lah". Seeing that she has had at least a blue note (RM1) in her wallet, and when another friend handed her RM23 (cash in exact), she still refused to accept and said that she has no small change.

Weird! So I decided to keep my money first hahaha! Then I went on to Public Bank (PB) nearby to open a Fixed Deposit account, and invested 30 grand in it since the latest promotion yields an effective interest rate of 4.175% for 12-month tenure (higher than Bank Rakyat's 4.1% of the same tenure). So now I'm officially broke hahaha! You still have time until 30th September to grab this promotion if this is what you are looking for! Anyway back to my story, I stayed on for a little longer time when one of the PB staffs approached me to explain more on their products, one of which is Private Retirement Scheme. Apparently young people aged 20-30 gets to receive a one-time-off RM500 from the Government if you decided to invest in PRS. Interesting!

Now that I'm back in the office (after hours of hanging around Public Bank haha.. shhh!), Jed messaged me to ask me out for a tea break at the Bank's cafetaria. "Something fishy is going on", I thought to myself. Indeed, when I headed to the Bank's cafetaria, I saw Jed at the table nearest to the entrance so I sat down. On the table there were banana fritters that he bought, and he asked me if I wanted a "Teh Tarik". I said "Yeah sure, thanks" and he headed off. Moments later... Boom! "Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Nicholas, happy birthday to you!" 

To be honest, I didn't know what to say nor how to react, this was my FIRST surprise birthday celebration! I am so grateful for my CF colleagues. It is this bunch of beautiful people that makes one of the big differences working here in the Bank. Bubbly Bell and Kiesha even asked around and finally decided on buying me Tiramisu Mille crepe, not knowing whether I will like it. Again, it was my FIRST Mille crepe! I reassured them that while I am not a particularly big fan of cake, it's the heart that matters and I am eternally grateful! Thank you so much guys! :D

Kiesha said I looked so happy in this picture, I concur haha!
Obligatory pose :p
Beautiful people celebrating my 23rd birthday with me (with a few missing ones)! How not to love them?! Hahaha! Please don't mind my feigned smile because I was holding this smiling posture for some time not knowing when the kind Samaritan will snap the picture hehe. 
This basically summed up my surprise birthday celebration. Up till now, my family has yet to celebrate my birthday celebration with me as everyone got back home pretty late yesterday night. But again, celebrating birthdays hasn't been a big deal in my family for the past few years. So I am not expecting much. I heard that we will be going to Dengkil for some delicious seafood as dinner tonight (although my dad was complaining again on how "far" the distance is from our house, not very far, about 15.6km according to Waze)! Haha will keep you guys posted if it is true.

Signing off. 

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