Thursday, 5 November 2015

A Blank Page

Every day when I log on to Blogger and click on “Create a New Post”, a blank page appears. It is up to me how I want to smear it. Fresh page, white as snow, ready to be painted. I may not have anything particularly productive to write, but I can write. So I keep writing. I may be writing craps, which I am right now, but I still write. I have set this my personal conviction to write a post every weekday, so far I have been disciplined enough to cling on to this conviction.

Your conviction may be on something else. Maybe you had promised yourself you will go exercise every evening. Or every morning. But you have been procrastinating. Don’t worry me too, many times. Then I realised I don’t have to dwell in the sense of guilt. I may have missed today’s gym session, but I can go tomorrow. There’s always a second chance. There’s always tomorrow. A better tomorrow. Don’t miss it!

Everyone deserves a second chance. You deserve a second chance. But the problem with us is we tend to take this privilege of having a second chance for granted. Today you have missed your daughter’s ballet performance at school. You thought to yourself there’s always next year. Come next year and you are working on a huge project you can’t take leave to attend her ballet performance. The next thing you know is your daughter is a young woman now and she no longer participates in ballet performance. Her parents won’t attend anyway. No one at home is appreciating her talent. You have missed the chance. 

Maybe there was something someone has done to you in the past that hurt you deeply. Your loved one cheated on you and was caught flirting with the opposite sex. You were no longer his/her priority. Even worse, your loved one had slept with the opposite sex when he/she was still in a relationship with you. Your whole world fell apart. You no longer feel hope in love. You felt betrayed. You wanted to die. A second chance for him/her? Maybe a second chance for you. A second chance for you to open up your heart again. To learn to trust someone again. You deserve a better person. It will take time, but you have all the time you need. 

Maybe you have done something wrong and embarrassing. You argued with your loved ones over petty things because you were too egoistic. I argued with my dad many times over petty things and it somehow never failed to escalate to something more serious. You know it was petty, but the simple message somehow did not manage to get across. It turned out to be a disastrous argument. You hurl insults at each other, trying to pull each other down. Broken relationships. Cracked and scarred. Give him/her a second chance. Give yourself a second chance. 

Even a murderer deserves a second chance. There was this guy named Kenny whom son has been murdered by a guy named CY. You would have thought all the hatred and sense of revenge Kenny has for his son’s killer. But the next thing would shock you. Kenny shared this emotional message for the man who killed his son:

“He was God’s son. You are God’s son. Get on your knees and ask God to forgive you. And you know what? Maybe I’ll see you someday, and I’ll be able to forgive you face to face, because you’ve got the mercy of your Father who’s also mine.”

WOW! Such a deep and radical mercy from Kenny for CY! How is that possible? Kenny has done that with the blessing of forgiveness from God. Maybe we can start forgiving people who have wronged us. People who have accused us of something we were not aware of. People who have backstabbed us. People who have talked behind our back. People who have taken advantage on us. Comparing our case with the example above, ours are most likely to be trivial. I know we can do this. 

When we forgive, we feel liberated. There is no point holding on the grudges and the hurtful past. Think of it this way, when we refuse to forgive the person who has wronged us, that same person is probably living life to the fullest. But you are still here, stagnated at the past. Hard to move on. Of course it is difficult, but only when we forgive, we can drop the past bondage. We can give all sorts of excuses, but really, give it a try! Try it now if you have any! You will instantly feel relieved and much happier!  

Maybe this is how freedom taste like. 

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