Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter Day!!! =))

Happy Easter Day people! I know I'm a bit late this time round as I went for badminton just now with awesome brothers and sisters in Christ after lunch! I just reached home not very long ago and I'm dead tired now! But I will still update my blog for the sake of sharing the wonderful Easter sermon shared today by Pastor Kenneth, and also some very touching experience I had today in church!

The sermon today was relatively shorter than any other Sunday services, but surprisingly there are many bible verses quoted by Pastor! I had one of the most memorable experience which I will share it with you later! So here it goes, the Easter sermon shared by Pastor Kenneth!

Bible verses: John 4:16, John 15:13, Acts 2:38, John 14:15-18, John 16:7, Luke 24:14, Acts 1:4-8,
                    Daniel 11:32, Luke 19:8-10, Acts 19:18-19, Acts 4:32-34, Romans 8:11

- Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life!
- We no longer need to suffer/sacrifice for our sins, as Jesus has already paid the ultimate sacrifice!
- Believe, before we can receive!
- Resurrection Sunday is important, as Jesus has proven what he said he is, and done what he was
  going to do, and broke the curse of death!
- Death has lost its sting, and we are alive, burning fire in spirit!
- Jesus will never leave us.
- Easter is the resurrection in power, a Holy Spirit's power!
- Last words before saying goodbye to the loved one are always the most important one.
- Be expecting Holy Spirit power, resurrection power to move!
- Jesus comes and changes the way we think, the way we live.
- Jesus sends his Helper, the Holy Spirit, to help us!
- Nothing is impossible with Jesus!
Very short sermon, right? Pastor told lots and lots of stories so I didn't write them down, but those were definitely very touching and compatible with the theme of the day. Time for my experience telling! Upon finishing the sermon, Pastor went on to pray for people and amazingly there were more than 10 salvations today! Praise the Lord! Then Pastor went on to pray for people, asking people to believe in HEALING, to allow Holy Spirit to move, to perform healing!

I was there, and there were quite a number of miraculous healings happened on the spot! Quite a number of people came out to testify God, to praise the Lord for His amazing work! Some people had asthma, and now they are healed! Some people had severe sorethroat, and now they are healed! Many other sicknesses and they are healed on the spot by believing in the power of Holy Spirit!

I'm having a few sicknesses with me and it's somewhat incurable any time soon. Firstly, I couldn't open my mouth very widely due to some problem occur to my right jaw, and I have been having it since last week when I woke up early in the morning. I went to a medical doctor and he said it's not within his expertise, and told me it is belong to dentist's. I went to dentist and what she advised was something rather unpractical and time-wasting (apply warm towel on my right jaw 5 times per day, and wait for another 3 months before going back to her). 'This is ridiculous', I thought. I stay at Casa Subang during weekdays and it's so unpractical for me to do it. Final step? Consult a jaw specialist and seek advices from the person.

Secondly, I have this small tiny plantar wart grew below my left foot and despite inflicting no harmful effect to my general health, it's painful and somewhat annoying to step on the ground barefooted. Sometimes even when I'm playing some intensive sports involving running (such as badminton and basketball), I will feel the pain. One of the most effective ways of removing it is by surgery. Yes you didn't read it wrongly, it's surgery! =( Although it's just a simple minor surgery, but it's definitely scary. How I wish I will never need to go through this, cause Jesus can heal me.

I was hoping to be healed by the Holy Spirit, and praying very hard for the miracle to happen, but nothing happened. Nevertheless what I need to do is just believe! I believe in His power and I know it's just the matter of time for Him to heal me! My turn is coming soon! Amen. =)

What touched me so much wasn't this, but my witness of a sister who somewhat has to rely on wheel walker to walk. Despite all her disability, she walked, by holding tightly on a wheel walker, all the way to the front just to seek prayer from Pastor. I was so touched by her faith and belief, to the extent of dropping tears, and that touched me so deeply to induce my reliance and belief more and more in God's power! I was praying so hard that the sister who has a disability to walk, can be healed on the spot! She didn't get healed on the spot, but I know God will move His almighty hands on her soon and it's just the matter of time! =)

So guys, keep me in your prayer and thanks in advance! God bless you always! =)

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