Monday, 16 April 2012

Second Sunday Service of April (15/4/12)! =)

So it's time for sermon again! Today Pastor Kenneth was away for Revo Miri so it was Pastor Sandra who shared the Word of God this time! Let's start!

Bible verses: Genesis 1:2, Revelation 3:15
- Prayer is very powerful.
- Holy Spirit is hovering over us, speak the Word over the situation!
- Holy Spirit will respond to the Word and work its miracles!
- God is on our side, and nobody can against us when God is on our side!
- Speak the Word of life, don't agree with negativities.
- Among sleeping, dead and active volcanoes, sleeping one is the scariest!
- Do not be lukeworm! Be either cold (passive) or hot (passionate, on fire)!
- You are either into God, or not. Don't be at the middle of it (not sure)!
- It's dangerous because we think we are somewhere, but actually nowhere.
- Either finish the race or don't start it!
- Our Christian life cannot be weak.
- Stand up as Light and Salt at your working place.
- Don't be hypocrite. It's either be passionate or not passionate at all.
- God loves us, and will only angry to disobedience.
- Intimacy with God, loves God intimately!
- Like God as a lover, because God loves you dearly!
- God comes in to restore the love, into the broken hearts caused by fallen men.
- Realise God loves us, and get to know Him through intimate love.
- The Holy Spirit is waiting to move, so just respond!
- Speak Word of life to enable Holy Spirit to work in your life!
- What makes you the man and woman of God, is by speaking Word of life!
- Start to speak and behave maturely to be a 6-feet tall man in Christ!
-  It's better to give yourself to Jesus than somebody else!
- God wants to lead us, and let us see the opportunities to be led.
- Go out and share the Good News!
- Ask God for it, if you haven't seen a miracle!
- Live for future, to pass on to younger generations.
- Don't be sleeping volcano! Rather be dead volcano so that God can revive you! =)

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