Sunday, 15 April 2012

My New Laptop (XPS 15z)! =p

Wooohooo this is the first post I type using my new lappie! <3 Oh yeah I just bought a new laptop in conjunction of the Pikom PC Fair 2012 at KLCC yesterday. There were quite alot of cheap offers on gadgets and it was something that you shouldn't have missed if you are a gadget hunter. My focus wasn't on those fancy gadgets but on laptops, though.

Quite many famous brands can be seen there, amongst them are Dell, HP, Asus, Acer, Toshiba etc. Too bad Apple wasn't there though. I collected lots of brochures just to compare the configurations of laptops of my budget. Since the Bank provides RM3.5k as my laptop allowance, I had the privilege of buying such high-end laptop. Praise the Lord! After comparing a few laptops, I had a few in mind; Dell XPS 15z, HP Dv6, and Apple Macbook Pro.

HP Dv6 was out of stock, so that left me with XPS 15z and Macbook Pro. I chose XPS 15z eventually, due to these 2 reasons. Firstly, I wanted to use a laptop that is more compatible with any softwares that I might be using in future. This will be the laptop that accompanies me for at least another 5 years, so I expect to download quite a number of statistical and mathematical softwares throughout my degree programme (if possible my working life too).

Secondly, Window laptop is easier to be used if you want to download songs/movies and play games. With its 2GB Nvidia GT525M graphic card, I can practically play any games that I want. Also with Window, I can download songs and movies freely without much rules and regulations. Unlike Apple, you wouldn't be able to download free songs easily. Many softwares and programmes might not be compatible with iOS, although you can always double boot between iOS and Window (it's quite impractical though).

Thirdly, with such a spec that I'm having with my XPS 15z now, I would need at least 5-6k to buy exactly the same spec of Macbook Pro. Currently it's running Core i7-2640M Processor (3.1GHz), 8GB RAM, 1TB 5400rpm Hard Drive, 2GB Nvidia GT525M graphic card and it's 15 inches!

So, tadaaa! I've chosen XPS 15z as my new darling! <3 Not only the laptop, it came along with a mouse and mousepad, a USB 2.0 channel stereo speaker, a headphone, a keyboard protector, a laptop cooler, a set of LCD screen cleaning kit, a laptop bag and lastly a 4GB pendrive. So far so good, despite some minor problems that I'm facing now. I don't know why suddenly my Google Chrome fails to work this morning! O.o Probably some technical setting that I accidentally clicked on, nothing biggie though. Will check on it soon! =)

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  1. Trust me you'll want to have ur laptop changed before you start working. Hahahhaa. Software development is really expanding fast now. Your laptop will be really outdated by the time u finishes ur degree.


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