Sunday, 22 April 2012

Third Sunday Service of April (22/4/12)! =)

Hello people! So it's sermon time again! This is the sermon for Sunday service this morning, delivered by Pastor Sandra! Before commencing the sermon, Pastor read through the biblical scriptures! So here it goes:

Bible verses: Revelation 22:17, John 14:1-2, Matthew 24:36, Acts 1:6-7, 9-10, 1 Thessalonians
                    4:16-17, Ephesians 5

- Remember Bible verses can help people in all sorts of circumstances, with God speaking to you.
- There is an angel watching over everyone of us.
- God gives us another helper (Holy Spirit).
- When you hear the trumpet sound of archangel, Jesus is coming!
- Jesus is our bridegroom, and He is now busy building our mansions in Heaven for us!
- Jesus is waiting to come and get us, His second coming!
- Jesus is coming back to get His bride (the church)!
- We need to get ready as a bride, by improving ourselves for our bridegroom (Jesus), before
  He coming back for us.
- Look forward to go to Heaven!
- You have the option to receive the cup from the bridegroom (Jesus), the new covenance.
- Once you received the cup, you have to keep our faith strong, despite countless challenges will be
  coming your way throughout the journey.
- Every time you read the Bible, it reflects on you, on what you have and what you don't, possess.
- Our future is eternal life, not eternal damnation!
- Devils have no control over our life, so slam the door of their power over us!
- We allow God to wash over us, with Holy Spirit living in us!
- Finish the work that Jesus has given to us!
- Do and contribute to the society by spreading God's love!
- While we are waiting for the bridegroom to come (also applicable for long-distance relationship),
   i) Remain faithful to your lover;
   ii) Let God and Holy Spirit work on you, craft out a better you;
   iii) We are made for His use. Let God use you for the expansion of His kingdom.
- Share with people, the excitation of you waiting for Jesus to come back, for Jesus loves us to every
- Holy Spirit is here with us, and will help us to remain faithful, if you allow Him! =)
- Parents, it's better for your children to live for Jesus, than something else, or busy earning earthly
  rewards and leaving you with the money but no love.
- No one can heal the broken heart and mess in our life, except Jesus.
- Look forward for the trumpet call, don't miss it! Be prepared!
- Church do what they are doing, so that they can finish the work God has provided!
So yeah! I'm finally back after one whole day! Went to play badminton just now with great brothers and sisters in Christ, and had lunch and dinner with them too! Holidays are officially over and tomorrow classes are starting again! A2 Final exam is coming in exactly 3 weeks time, and I can foresee me studying hard and busy doing past year papers for the next 7 weeks! Stress would be accumulating by then and I just hope that God and Holy Spirit will be with me throughout this time period!

I have one testimony to share with you guys, as I believe this is purely the work of God. Remember I told you that I wanted to select Heriot-Watt University (HW) as my insurance (backup)? I even asked a question saying whether it's possible to get notes from Financial Maths students (that are not available to actuarial students) if I were to pursue Actuarial Science there. A senior from The Student Room (TSR), a student forum in the UK, who is currently a Financial Maths student in HW, answered my question. He mentioned that the proportion of Financial Maths students to actuarial students in HW is approximately 6 in 130+ students, so they are really rare. But one thing that he left me to be speechless and shocked; he offered to give me all his notes (in pdf form) via email. :O

I was utterly speechless, but definitely I accepted the offer! He sent me not only notes for Financial Maths students that are not available for actuarial students, but also tutorials (and its answers) and past year papers, just to enhance my understanding! He even sent me notes for CT8 (Financial Economics) and ST6 (Advanced Derivatives Pricing), both are one of the hardest papers for their respective stages in the actuarial professional exams. Wow! This is very very kind of him and I definitely believe this is the work of God on me, His blessing on me! I mean, how often will someone offer to give you all his notes from his undergraduate degree? He doesn't even know me well or who I really am! God knows that I yearn for intellectual stimulation, and God blessed me with all the resources available so freely to me! Definitely looking forward to start self-studying it after my A2 exams in June! Thank you Lord Jesus! =))

So here is it! My trial exam's result is out and I only managed to secure AABB, definitely long way to improve myself! But thank God for it, at least a great improvement from my previous trial taken last year! God is good and faithful always! I know I can do it as my God is many times bigger and greater than this! He can conquer this victoriously! Amen.

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