Sunday, 29 April 2012

Last Sunday Service of April! =)

Time flies and yet I felt this week a bit too long for me. Why? I've been super productive this week with preparation for exams coming in 2 weeks time!!! Not too long. Exam, exam, and exam. This will be the theme for the next 2 months haha! Exam all the way and FREEDOM!!! Can't wait for the moment to enjoy the freedom once again! This week I've done at least a FM past year paper everyday spanning at least 2.5 hours per paper. Man they are tough, that's why! Have to practice more past year papers after the first week of exam for Maths and Physics Paper 4. Probably that's the reason why I felt this week was a bit too long (productive). Shall start doing Physics and Maths past year papers tomorrow! (:

So today again it's Sunday! And today's sermon was very interesting with Pastor Dave sharing the Words about other believers and the Holy Spirit, so here it goes!

Bible verses: John 4:9-12, John 4:17, Luke 15:16
- God heals!
- God performs miracles!
- God brings hopes to the hopeless.
- Holy Spirit is equally important just as much as the other 2 components of the Trinity (God and Jesus).
- Jesus is like God the Father, behaves and acts like Him.
- Jesus sent us another Helper to help you to beat the odds, the Holy Spirit, forever!
- Christians are mend to be victorious.
- Having Holy Spirit is like having power steering and other technologically advanced features while
  driving a car.
- Holy Spirit enables us to do so much more.
- Now we are living in the time of Holy Spirit.
- Holy Spirit doesn't want you to have a peek on miracles, but wants you to get involved in it.
- Holy Spirit is God, looking for a space in your heart.
- Holy Spirit just want the imperfect room in your heart, when He could have chosen many other
- Make more space in your heart for God and Holy Spirit, don't give in to ignorance.
- Be that desperate for Holy Spirit.
- Claim your right on Holy Spirit, kick off any barrier restricting you.
- Start living the Bible, not only reading it.
- God wants us to achieve greater, better things!
- Come on, you can do better with God!
- Show them (non-believers) God's power and let them decide.
- Come to church as God is in the House, and people are being healed.
- You are saying 'Yes' to God, not to others.
- Sing worship songs and mean it!
- God will be with you whereever you are being sent.
- You will lay hand and they will get healed.
- The moment you say no, you don't believe.
- Don't be substandard Christian, Holy Spirit is FOR you, and He wants you!
- i) Avail yourself: Believe and be willing to go for it. Let God use you! Opportunities are everywhere
                             created by God, for His signs to be performed. Seize it!
  ii) Believe and live it out: Prophesy and impress people with Holy Spirit! Don't fear of failure as
                                          fear is the language of Hell, except the fear of God.
  iii) Crave for it: Unleash your craving for Holy Spirit, for supernatural and healing!
- God is real!
- Share God's miracles as testimonies!
- Let Holy Spirit use you!
- Ask non-believers to come to church and experience the power of God themselves!
- When miracle happens, people revalue themselves.
- God is not stingy with healing!
- Just believe and God will move.
- Everything is restored in Jesus's name!
- You are anointed as long as you are willing to believe!
- Like heat scanning missile, heal someone!
- Healing is normal standard in Bible!
- Don't just achieve a fraction of what Jesus did, but more of it!

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