Friday, 25 November 2011

Depressing =( , yet Motivating Result! =)

Remember I told you on my previous post that I've made my vow to reduce my weight from 85kg to 75kg, yesterday? After 5 months of going to gym, surprisingly my weight is no longer 85kg!!! Bad news is, my weight increased from 85kg to 89kg!!! O.O FATTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What the... heck? I think I know why. I was in holiday mood, and I skipped gym from early October to early November! I usually go to gym 3 times per week, on alternate days (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)! Right, I was told not to go gym on consecutive days as my body would need rest before commencing the next session. 

Okay, increasing weight doesn't necessarily mean increasing body fat percentage. It could mean increase in muscle mass but decrease in body fat percentage. But my case is totally the opposite!!!!!!!!! What the!!! How could that happen? My body fat percentage increased and my muscle mass decreased back to square one (before joining the gym). How how howwwww??? That's absurd. 

Before joining the gym, I hardly could lift any heavy object. Now I can, so obviously my muscle mass should have increased by time. Before joining the gym, I could hardly push up for 10 times! Now I can push up for 25 times straight! Before joining the gym, I could hardly lift anything heavy during workout! Now I can! Hard to believe I know, but it happened. =( 

Never mind, my aim still remains the same! I will try very very hard and my best to reduce my weight to 75kg! That's my vow! Although it would be much harder for me to reduce 14kg than 10kg, I WILL TRY MY BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I will make an amendment on my vow by changing the time period from 2 months to 3 months instead, shall we? okay DEAL! That's my promise to myself and I will try my best not to break it. 

How? Stop eating oily food!!! Not even a single oily food is permitted! Even if I really want to eat oily food, it should be good fat but not the bad fat. Good (unsaturated) fat can be obtained from egg yolks, low fat milk, olive oil, etc. The others, forget about it. I shall go to gym more frequent too. Weight training sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and only cardio exercise on Tuesday and Thursday. Deal! =p 

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