Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Improvement in Operation Check Up! =)

Remember that my personal trainer (Ms. Cheryl) did one operation check up with me, last week? Yes today finally I went to the gym after around a week of sleeping at home, or more on indulging myself at Lanai! =p I was quite determined today, and although my calf seemed to cramp anytime, that didn't stop me!

Check out this post, and you will know what I'm talking about! So today again I bumped into her and asked her to carry out the check up for me! Again it was the same series of tasks:

1) Running on the treadmill for 20 minutes (I ran 4km with average speed of 12 km/h and maximum speed of 16 km/h during the last 60m).
2) Rowing for 500m (I did it in 1 minutes 51 seconds, slightly slower but still okay!)
3) Chin up with reduction of 20kg from my current weight (I did it for 5 times consecutively but it was 5kg heavier than last week's!)
4) Push up as many times as I can (I did 40 times straight, a great improvement from 25 times last week!)
5) Sit up as many times as I can (I did 70 times straight!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again a great improvement from 35 times last week!)

See!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! I just can't believe actually! Guess how much did I score? Last week I got 18/36 and it was a pass! This week? *drum rolls please* I've got 25/36 and it was so close to intermediate score of 28!!! So awesome!!! Looks like my diet somehow works! =p

Really? Maybe not. One of my ex-classmates once told me a way to diet, i.e. skip dinner. After talking to my housemate and personal trainer, I realised that it is so NOT TRUE and definitely not the right approach to reduce my body weight! Human body prefers to consume carbohydrate and protein to provide energy, and before the body fat actually being burnt off through normal metabolic activities, the muscles will be consumed first. The right way of reducing body weight is actually by reducing the food portion to around half, and definitely NOT by skipping meals! It will simply just not work! That's the reason why most bodybuilders (although I'm not intending to be one) build up muscles first before cutting off body fat.

Building muscles and reducing body fat CANNOT occur at the same time. When you're in the process of building muscles, you will definitely put up some weight since you have to eat a lot to bulk up! I talked to my personal trainer, and she said that I should eat at least something at night! Don't leave my stomach empty ever. To lose weight fast, I shouldn't consume any carbohydrate after 4pm, although some food which are rich in protein and vitamin, and high fibre (such as oat) are recommended! =)

So that's it! I will keep up my good work towards achieving my goal in err.. 3 months right? =p Ciao~

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