Monday, 28 November 2011

Orientation Programme at Lanai Kijang (Day 2)! =)

So I'm back after 3 days 2 nights staying at Lanai Kijang!!! Just in case you still don't know what is Lanai Kijang, it's a resort owned by the Central Bank of Malaysia (BNM) to accommodate visitors attending events organised by the bank, staffs coming from other states and delegates from abroad. It's located at Jalan Dato Onn, near the Headquarter of the Bank and of course the Bank Negara KTM Station.

Alright, so back to my second day's story! I hope you guys do enjoy the previous post and oh, it's updated with nice pictures grabbed from one of my close friends, Gracey aka Nemo! =p new nickname ha! xD Credit to Gracey! =) Lanai has been quite famous for its awesome sumptuous food menu and I bet you guys really can't wait to see a few pictures of it! =p Here you go~  *again credit to Grace! =)

The Residence Hall (Dining hall)! Awesome right? =D 

Nice diversity of cakes!!! It was one of the favourites where everyone tried to grab! =p
Oh a few bankies! Hi people! =) 
*More pictures on lunch + dinner will be posted up soon* 

After the breakfast, here comes the next slot! KTJ people came out with a game involving eggs!!! O.O Yes eggs! We were given one egg, 5 straws, a few pieces of newspapers and a 1 metre long masking tape. The game went like this. Each group was required to come out with a design (by using those materials given) in such a way that it could protect the egg from breaking, when the whole object was being thrown from the forth floor. Well, most of them came out with a design of round ball (and the egg inside) with the hope of the round object will protect the egg inside, but only two groups (6 and 10) came out with realistic design (parachute). 

None of the groups succeeded in protecting the eggs, but we (I was in Group 6) were so close to achieving that result! What a waste, but still nevertheless chosen as one of the best besides Group 10. You think parachute should work, logically? Yes. It did work actually and the terminal velocity was reached before the object reached the ground. When the object landed, the egg (which was in the basket) bounced out and hit the floor, and broken (a bit). =( We should have sealed off the top of the basket so that the egg wouldn't bounce out upon landing. Hmmm.. anyway next slot! =p 

It was about I-ACTED which spanned for around 4 hours! I know this is going to disappoint some of you guys, but to be frankly speaking, I found it REALLY BORING and I was like watching Chinese opera or some foreign shows throughout the whole time frame of the seminar! It was about Sociology and a bit of Philosophy! and that doesn't interest me at all! (if you know me well) =p There were a few points though, that I find interesting. We should allow occurrence of diversity among all employees so that people can get different ideas and inspirations easily. Malaysia is a great country (supposedly) with her people of different races, cultures and thoughts. We then played a game named '1.50' with girl being placed a value of RM1 and guy RM0.50. Interesting game for ice breaking session, I thought. =p 

During I-ACTED! From left: Hari (my housemate), Kai Wen, Joyce! Oh, and ME behind! =p 

Right so skip that part, the next slot was more interesting with a number of games and stuffs, with the main purpose of developing some essential skills within everyone of us. There were two facilitators named Dr. Santhiru and Omar coaching us throughout the program. They first asked every scholar to introduce him/herself in front of 75 other scholars, and how he/she can relate him/herself with some specific criteria like keyboard, element of nature, sea creatures, musical instruments, transport and even kitchen utensils! =) It was aimed to train scholars to think spontaneously and speak confidently. There were a few activities after that and I wouldn't go deep into it cause it would be quite boring! 

I actually planned to go gym yesterday, since it could probably be my last opportunity to go gym at Lanai? But eventually I didn't cause the last evening slot ended quite late (at 6.15pm). I was super tired and I literally couldn't really think much. So I decided to take some rest and surfed Internet instead! =p The last slot at night was quite interesting! There were 3 girls who just joined the Bank not long ago (a few years), and all of them were graduates from the UK. One of them was an Indian girl, crap I forgot her name! =(  She is a Law graduate from the University of Warwick!!! Nice. Another was a Chinese girl and she was graduated from University of Cambridge majoring in Economics! O.O Another Cambridge graduate. Last one was a Malay lady who is an Economics graduate from University of Manchester. 

They shared quite a lot of experience with us, but I was too tired to remember every single bit of it. But something really caught my interest when one of the scholars asked about how economic crisis in the US could affect Malaysia's economy. Hui Yi, the Cambridge Economics graduate who've been joining the Bank since year 2008, gave an answer that caught my interest and I can actually use it in the economics paper during exam! =)

Three main trading partners with Malaysia are China, Singapore and lastly US. Electronic and Electrical Engineering (E&E) comprises 40% of the manufacturing industry in Malaysia. But the main industry that is going to be affected during the economic downturn in the US is export industry. With the increasing debt crisis the US economy is facing now, the demand of the export (from Malaysia perspective) would drop as their GDP drops. As China is quite a big trading partner too with US, the decreasing demand from the US would indirectly reduce demand of export from China too. Second industry that is going to be affected is apparently service and transport industry. When export activity is being reduced, demand for services and transport will follow the trend, eventually.

Okay enough of economics facts! Here is one of the very inspiring principles by Hui Yi. One of the scholars asked her when should she give up. She answered brilliantly, 'When you keep on failing, don't give up but not just continue doing it without realising the fundamental problem causing the constant failure. Give up the way you're using and adopt other learning routes.' Brilliant, isn't it? =)

That's all for the second day! I will write post for the third day tomorrow! Stay tuned people! =) Ciao~ 

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