Monday, 21 November 2011

Updates and Surprises! =D

Helloooooo! =p 

It's been really long time but oh well, I hope you all won't blame me for such a long hiatus! What can I say, I will try to post everything recent happening to me here in a single post! But it's kinda illogical though for me to post everything since March this year, so here I would put everything in a list, just to update you all in case you don't know me well enough. Most of my friends especially those in Facebook would definitely know happening's in my life thus far. So here it goes: 

1) Finished my AS in May/June 2011, and attained reasonably good results (although not something to be proud of yet grateful for that!) Thank God that I've got 3A's (Economics, Maths, Physics) and a B. Guess what, Thinking Skills. It doesn't really matter since most universities in general won't even look at this in their consideration to give offers, anyway. Ms. Yoong (my TKS lecturer) will sometimes stare at me as if she's gonna kill me cause of getting B in her subject, yet smiled to me after each time she stared at me lol. Sorry for disappointing you, Ms. Yoong!

2) Participated Olympiad and Euclid Maths Competitions. Attained Certificate of Dinstinction in Euclid Maths Competition organised by the University of Waterloo, Canada, but oh well everyone got it. So yeah, again nothing to be proud of. Thank God! =) 

3) Applied to UK universities through UCAS. Here's my 5 choices: Cambridge (Maths), Warwick (MMORSE), City University London (Actuarial Science), Heriot-Watt (Actuarial Science), LSE (Actuarial Science). So far I've attended interview set by Cambridge for Maths, and of course the written test coming along with it. Interview was fine, but written test was ridiculously difficult. Right, not putting much hope in it. Good news is, I've got 3 offers from the University of Warwick, City University and Heriot-Watt University. Happy? Yeaayyyyyy, not too soon. Having said that, I'm still waiting for BNM to reply to my email of seeking approval to pursue 4-year MMORSE. Apparently they only allow scholars to pursue 3-year degree programme, not 4-year. Just hope for the best then! =) Still waiting for LSE offer.

4) University to go? This is a serious question we are talking about. This is where I will spend another 3-4 years after my A-Levels. This is where I will start another important chapter of my life. This is where I will meet my ahem... another half? LOL dreaming much. Right back to the stream. Apparently Warwick's MMORSE is favourable to me, as it covers various mathematical topics and offers wider job opportunities to me upon graduation. I've glanced through their modules here, just in case you're interested to take a glance too haha. Well, as you can see, that's a really interesting course with lots of optional modules and stuffs. Just in case I'm not interested in Actuarial Science anymore (*gasp*), I can go for other streams like Statistics and Maths.

If the Bank insisted not to allow me to pursue 4-year programme, what can I do? I would put City's Actuarial Science as my firm. As for insurance, I have Heriot-Watt and LSE to ponder upon now, and now I'm more inclined to putting Heriot-Watt as my insurance. Why? Having attended the UK Universities Fair in KLCC 2 days ago, I've thus far talked to 2 professors from Heriot-Watt University, and both of them are teaching CT3 (Probability and Mathematical Statistics) and CT6 (Statistical Methods) respectively. Comparing pros and cons of these two universities:

i) LSE,
 Pros: Located in the city of London, near to all financial companies and easy to get internship there, high reputation in the financial world, lots of Asians particularly Malaysians

 Cons: Busy city, no campus but only a building, prone to fall into nightlife trap (clubbing etc), too many Malaysians until you can literally form a small kampung, overrated by Malaysians, have relatively new actuarial programme of no longer than 20 years and only provide maximum number of 7 papers exemption out of 9 CT papers.

ii) Heriot-Watt University,
 Pros: The first university to offer Actuarial Science degree programme in the entire UK thus more established and provide maximum number of 8 CT papers exemption out of 9, near to Edinburgh (30 mins of bus travelling which is NOT exactly very near but still okay)(Edinburgh is a beautiful ancient city just like Oxfordshire and Cambridgeshire), campus university with beautiful sceneries, Edinburgh being a very happening place with lots of festivals and stuffs.

 Cons: Located in Scotland and my dad doesn't really like it, least famous than LSE, might be too cold during winter time since it's located at the northern part of UK, thick Scottish accent? Hmm..

Having said that, I think I like Heriot-Watt more than LSE. So my list would be arranged as follow: Warwick, City, Heriot-Watt. Forget about Cambridge, Kelvin (my classmate) said that it's not entirely a bad thing for not getting Maths at Cambridge. It's so pure that it hardly has any practical applications in the real life, which I found it quite true. I still prefer learning maths related to finance after all.

5) Stock market? My FM2 lecturer is going to start an e-learning platform via Facebook, to teach about technical analysis (TA) as one of the methods to trade in the market. Should I join? It costs around RM300, and it will only involve basic such as moving averages (MA) and RSI, support and resistance, MACD and stochastic, risk reward and trading plan, fear and greed. I know I can read about all these in the Internet such as Investopedia, and I've learnt about MA, support and resistance on my own although without much trading experience. My dad said TA is quite subjective and might not be accurate all the time in predicting stock price movement. My dad is himself a part time trader but is a fundamental analyst. He prefers to read up companies' past track records, financial statements, income statements, cash-flow statement and so on, just to know how well is the company performs, before investing in it. Still having dilemma. =(

Guess that's all for now, ciao~ =)

Nicholas C.W. Ng

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